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Jul 24, 2009 01:21 PM

Adesso: what shouldn't I miss?

I'm going tonight with a friend for the first time tonight and plan on trying several salumis/pates, but also was curious about the rest of the menu. Has anyone tried any standouts? In particular their paninis? suggestions?

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  1. The meatball (polpettone) panino is awesome.

    I think my other favorites to date are the prosciutto and cheese piadina, sardine crostini, the arancini, and the fried balls they make from the salumi ends (not on the menu, free spread only).

    4395 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA

    1. Egg and lardo panini.
      Pisco sour.

      1. It's pretty much how everyone described. Loud, industrial in a way but plenty of windows makes it much more comfortable than I would have imagined. A cool hang out spot and the happy hour free food is amazing. They seem to cycle through a lot of the simple menu items every 15 minutes or so, sandwiches, salads, cheeses, meatballs. my faves were the mini-meatballs, a thinly sliced porky panini, a potatoe and corn salad.

        I did order the arancini and it wasn't what I expected for some reason. Good, but very rich and savory. definitely needed something to counter it like a green salad or a light cocktail. Also ordered the Egg & Lardo sandwich which was amazing. So mine seemed to be Egg, Lardo and Fish! Didn't know that there was going to be fish in it, but it was a great combo. With the egg yolk oozing all over I was trying to sope up every last drop.

        My friends also tried a Chef's choice Salumi Misto, basically a combo plate of 5 or 6 salamis and cured meats, 3-6 slices of each. I'm not sure I remember exactly what we had but I'll try, First was the Marche, beautifully golden, subtle, maybe a little too subtle for me. Lardo had a lovely hint of rosemary, Abruzzo had a great peppery kick, my favorite of the night. I think something that was their procuitto, but all it was to me was salty with no other real flavors, biggest disappointment. The last one I'm having a hard time remembering exactly, which is too bad, because it was my second favorite for the night.

        Anyways, 3 of us got out of there for about $60, before taxes, for 3 cocktails the 3 plates and free food. We were all pretty much stuffed to the gills.