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Jul 24, 2009 01:14 PM

(MSP) Best grilled cheese in town?

Hi there, cheese addict looking for a great grilled cheese sandwich. Not opposed to goat or sheep cheese, but can not abide super soft white bread ... even if it's Texas toast!

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  1. Longfellow's made with Cotswold and Mango Chutney! Best grilled cheese I have had in the Twin Cities!

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      Yay cup_cake! I love cotswold and will get on over to the Longfellow!

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        AND it has parmesan on the outside. Sigh. Can I have one right now please?

      2. Thinking about it, it has been a while since i had a grilled cheese outside my own kitchen (and a while even since ive had one there) but if you havent tried the sandwiches from the new location of france 44 in st paul at grand and snelling, opposite macalester, they are very good - though not grilled. I had a super tasty coppa and vintage cheddar sandwich with roasted garlic a couple weeks ago that was excellent. They get their bread from breadsmith right next door.

        and that longfellow grilled cheese is real good.

        1. Annie's Parlour 3 cheese double-decker grilled cheese served on whole wheat. I think the cheeses are muenster, american and smoked sharp cheddar.

          The Malt Shop serves their grilled 3 cheese on whole wheat or rye. It comes with grilled tomatoes and onions, but my advice is to ask for them on the side. Unless you are a speed eater the sandwich disintegrates after a couple minutes and gets soggy.

          Annie's Parlour
          313 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

          Malt Shop
          809 W 50th St # 1, Minneapolis, MN

          1. i hesitate to tell you this or show you the link, but.....if you are ever in cleveland there is a fabulous whole restaurant entirely dedicated to it!!!:


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              Warning: you must love bread, cheese and beer to enter!


              We absolutely need a place like this in the Twin Cities!


            2. Wayzata Eatery! I can't recall what cheese they use, but they melt parmesan on the outside to make it extra cheesy and crunchy. yum. i'm salivating just thinking about it!