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Jul 24, 2009 01:02 PM

Artisanal Chocolates and Confections within SF?

Hello SF chowhounds

Will be in San Francisco for the first time next week and I want to get the chocolate/confectionary vibe of what is made in San Francisco? Since I will be relying on public transit I plan on visiting Recchiuti, XOX truffles and TCHO, but I would love more artisanal suggestions within SF?

On a second note, will I be missing out on a lot if I only go to the Thursday’s Ferry Building Farmer's Market instead of Saturday’s?


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  1. I'm not an SF native but, when I last visited, I had an embarassingly large porportion of a box of different flavoured caramel chocolates from Christopher Elbow (in Hayes Valley). They were amazing - don't miss the cabernet-flavoured ones! Cocoa Bella also carries his and many other artisinal chocolates - and there are several locations around the city.

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      Neither of those is made in SF, but both are worth a stop because they're harder to find (depending where the OP is from).

    2. Yes, you will be missing out on a lot if you go to Thursday's market instead of Saturday's. If you are only here on Thursday, then stop by there, sure, but if you have the choice, definitely go on Saturday. Saturday's market is probably five or six times the size as Thursdays, and has a lot more variety and things to see. Thursday has some great prepared food, but not many other kinds of vendors, especially compared with Saturday.

      1. Neither of these confectioners' has stores that you can visit but a stop by Rainbow Grocery and/or the BiRite Market can hook you up with two of the BA's best confections: Poco Dolce chocolate tiles and Sweet Revolution organic maple-honey caramels.

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