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Liberte Coconut Yogurt

Anyone know where to get Liberte Coconut Yogurt in the GTA, specifically Thornhill?


I've seen the other flavours everywhere, but I can't find Coconut anywhere?

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  1. try ambroisa health food store on doncaster.

    1. Nortown Foods on Eglinton has it in stock all the time.

      I'm betting Whole Foods has it. I'm also betting Kitchen Table in the Forest Hill Village also carries it. Both these stores carry a lot of Liberte yogurts. I'm also told Sunny Valley (that the name of it?? I forget...) on the Danforth carries a lot of Liberte yogurts.

      But for sure Nortown has it.

      1. Sue's Produce on Major Mackenzie east of Bathurst has it

        1. I just saw it at Fiesta Farms on Christie but it's not in Thornhill. In fact we bought some and it's delicious!

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            I saw it at Planet Organics on Friday...bathurst, just north of hwy. 7

          2. Not quite Thornhill, but very near the Vaughn side of things: I bought some at the Highland Farms which is just South of Steeles on Dufferin a couple of days ago.

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              And then, I was there yesterday, and they didn't have any more.

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                And now it's back! It seems to be kind of chaotic. They obviously don't get enough stock to keep up with demand. Maybe ask the dairy manager any grocery store that sometimes carries it when they get supplies in, so you know when to look for it.

            2. Ambrosia has the 8.5% version on sale for $2.44 this month.

              1. Thanks to all for their responses. I will attempt to visit each location until I buy it!

                1. Ahhhh....This yogurt is my treat to myself everyweek. Love the stuff. I take a trip to The Cheese Boutique every week for it and get a couple containers.

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                    Found it today at Sobey's on Roncesvalles. Got the last one.

                  2. Just saw it at Pusateri's (Avenue Rd location). I was going to buy it but accidentally picked up the prune and walnut. Damn!

                    1. The Sobey's near me has the coconut flavour. You could try the Thornhill Sobey's.

                      1. I saw it today at Mcewan, Don Mills & Lawrence.

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                          I buy the Coconut and the Lemon (my other favorite) at mcewan.
                          I have never had a problem with stock.
                          Purchased both on Sunday.

                        2. Just as an update, it's now carried at Walmart too!

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                            Just bought some last week at La Rose deli up near Eglnton and Royal York....

                          2. I just bought some Liberte coconut at the Longo's at Maple Leaf Square yesterday. Think I have seen it at the Markham Longo's, too. So you might try the Thornhill store.

                            1. Email Liberte and see if they can give you a list of Thornhill retailers... The Coconut is ridiculously good!!!

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                                Wow after all the rave reviews, i finally tried a carton tonight. So good and so addictive. Thx everyone. Just need to make sure i only buy once a month.