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Jul 24, 2009 12:38 PM

Tavern at Croton Landing

Heard that this fits the bill as a nice "joint" with decent pub food. Is there any outdoor seating, and if so, how's the view? Do you just look out from below Route 9?

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  1. cannot figure out where this place is?????

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    1. re: GIOny

      GF and I do go up to Croton on Hudson every so often ( Just in Tyme, the diner, and a few other places) so I was a bit interested in this.
      So I did a rather simple web search and found a few sites which seem to answer the guestions:

      1. re: Jon1856

        I think they have a couple of tables outside. Haven't eaten there. View is of the adjacent street, and "view" is of Route 9. MAYBE the river through the hurricane fence, railroad, and trees.

      2. re: GIOny

        We just got back from The Tavern at Croton Landing, If you want to wait 40 minutes for a table and then an hour and half for 36 wings, go to The Tavern. The waitress told us the main meal was ready but the wings weren't (after one hour), she said the computer reversed the order. We told her we wanted the wings first and so we had to wait another half hour. I asked to speak to a manager or owner and was told, there wasn't any on the premises. Not only that, the waitress also charged us double on many of the entries.
        The wings were o.k. not great and certainly not worth waiting for.
        The burger was good, the fries greasy, and the turkey burger had so much garlic on it, who could tell how it actually tasted?
        Definitely not a place to go again!

      3. - small number of tables, be prepared to wait
        - bar is not physically separated from restaurant
        - good, fast, friendly service
        - fairly limited pub menu
        - excellent burgers (blue is great)
        - excellent pizza
        - excellent quesidillas
        - excellent chicken wings
        - excellent homemade potato chips
        - reasonably priced
        - kids welcome (and appropriate for kids)

        If you asked everyone in croton for their favorite restaurant in croton, this would be pretty close to the top...

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        1. re: vinouspleasure

          Sounds worth trying for that type of fare... Thanks for the write up! Any thoughts on their burgers vs. Squires in Briarcliff (which is where we usually go when in a burger mood)

          1. re: Nancy C

            I guess I like the squires burger better but its worth trying a burger here, especially the bleu burger.

            1. re: vinouspleasure

              Finally got to the Tavern at Croton Landing tonight, and was pleasantly surprised. Ordered a cheeseburger, med. rare, with fries and shared it with spouse, along with their Crazy Craisins salad. He had a marguerita (standard fare with a mix) and I had the special beer on tap (I think it was a wheat beer), interesting with a slice of lemon. Burger is 1/2 pound - was a tad rarer than I might have liked, but good flavor (both the beef and the sear), on a wonderful roll with lettuce/tomato. Good hand cut fries. Salad needed to be in a bowl, as it was hard to chase around the mid-sized oval plate, but generous portion and good dressing (raspberry vinaigrette). Friendly staff, and we'll look forward to returning. THINK I like the Squires burger better (it is a tad smaller), but Tavern at Croton Landing is closer to home so I think we'll be back from time to time. Would like to try their pizza.

              1. re: Nancy C

                Its interesting, when I walk in to the place, it looks like it might be a little too much like my old college bar. But the friendly service, good food and reasonable prices always wins me over. And more often that not, we know 2 or 3 of the other tables (croton is a small town!).

                do try the pizza. The only dish we don't like is the pulled chicken though we haven't worked our way through the menu.