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Jul 24, 2009 12:33 PM

Pond House- West Hartford

How is there dinner? I went to the rose garden and saw this cute place so just wanting to know how the food is? What to order? It looks adorable but want to kn ow more, thank you. Any other suggestions in this area of West Hartford?

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  1. Pond House has good food and it's BYOB. menu is all over the map and seems to change fairly constantly so i wouldn't begin to suggest what to order.

    1. I'd keep it simple. I was excited by two of their more ambitious entrees and disappointed both times. But they try very hard. The place is spotlessly clean and has lovely ambience. As said above, it's BYOB; so check their website for what you'd like to pair with the wine you have on hand...

      1. I was impressed by the lunch my girlfriend and I had there recently. We sat outside. Seems inside can get a little loud, though it probably depends who's sitting there. We both enjoyed our meals and would return for dinner. Full review with pics here: