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Jul 24, 2009 12:28 PM

Restaurants near Ritz (Dallas)

I'll be at the Ritz on McKinney Ave with a group in mid August. Fearing's sounds good but I can't afford to feed 15 people there for 3 nights! Any suggestions for something in the neighborhood (what IS the neighborhood?) for dinner for a group?


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  1. Sorry! I forgot this was a statewide board. That's the Ritz on McKinney in Dallas.

    1. Uptown (or technically “LoMac” nowadays), but you'll be close to Oak Lawn and several other neighborhoods. There are a thousand places in that area, any ideas on cuisine, price, etc?

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        1. re: sike101

          If we can get in to Fearings one night, the second night can be more casual. Less than $50 a person including a drink? I am open regarding cuisine but nothing too exotic, I suppose, since I don't know the rest of the group that well.

        2. Just up from the Ritz on McKinney Avenue is S&D Oyster House. An excellent seafood restaurant that would serve your purposes well for value, atmosphere and quality food. Check it out. Also, at 3130 Lemmon Avenue (Eastbound) and Cole Avenue is, Texas Land and Cattle Company. Also, a terrific valued venue for a large group.

          1. Cremona's has good prices and decent Italian food....and I like their new location near the Quadrangle after fire destroyed the original.

            1. Coal Vines (two blocks up McKinney) has good pizza. Palomino at the Crescent is not too expensive. Jake's (further up McKinney) is a good hambuger spot. I second S&Ds.

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              1. re: primi_timpano

                S&D looks interesting but it appears that they don't do reservations and I don't want to have to wait for 45 minutes with a group of 15 on a Friday night....

                We're in at Fearings for Saturday night and I'm considering Mi Cocina for a smaller group on Thursday.

                So just one more not terribly expensive place for Friday.

                1. re: Stacys

                  Not terribly exciting but if you're looking for good downscale food, especially for lunch but dinner as well; there is a Cafe Express just a block away.

                  You'll get a ton of negative responses about Mi Cocina, I’d say ignore it. It's a good place with reasonable (but not hole in the wall) prices just a little too much of a scene for this board. If you're staying at the Ritz, it'll fit nicely. If you do change your mind about Mi Cocina, there is a Mattito's right around the corner from your hotel.

                  I’d second the Palamino at the Cresent. You could always try Pappadeaux’s for your seafood evening; it’s pretty close, good and fits the budget.

                  1. re: sike101

                    I agree about Mi Cocina. Way overpriced, poor service and mediocre food.
                    Good suggestion for Pappadeaux's seafood. Something for everyone and, I'm sure they would easily accommodate all of you. And, the Oak Lawn (one block North of Lemmon Westbound) location is actually, the best in the chain.

                    1. re: twinwillow

                      Actually, I'm one of the few around here that likes Mi Cocina. My favorite plate at Mi Cocina is the same price as my favorite plate at Herrera's and I've never had bad service there. The drinks are high, but they are good and concordant with the surrounding establishments.