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Jul 24, 2009 12:12 PM

Manzanillo, Colima.

Any recomendations, in Manzanillo. It doesn´t matter if it is expensive or cheap, mariscos or steak, Mexican or long as the food is good. I really need some advice because i haven´t been able to find anything about Manzanillo. Should i bring gorceries and a stove?

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  1. No, relax, plenty of great seafood in Manzanillo. They specialize in a ceviche that has diced carrots in it using limes from nearby Tecoman.Look for bust mariscos stands in the early part of the day. IN the afternoons and evenings look for fondas and cenadurias.

    Sopitos(little ground beef sopes), pozole seco(dry pozole),tatemado(pork stew),chilayo(pork and vegetable stew),cuachala(corn dish), caldo michi(fish soup), and pescado a la talla(fish roasted over coals) are some of the treats.

    Tuba(palm sap), bate, and tejuino(corn) are local fermented drinks.

    Don't have specific restaurant recs, I was passing through twice and didn't take notes, but found excellent seafood. I've also tried Colima state cuisine in other parts of Mexico.

    Great food. Happy eating.

    1. Best restaurant in Manzanillo is Tuscana on the beach with a very broad menu. Best seafood is Bigotes there are two on the beach I prefer the one just north of Tuscana (only restaurant with female servers). Best steak is Vaqueros at the traffic circle. There are a few new restaurants worth trying by the Marina in Las Hadas that are only known to a few.
      Take a look at It's not always current but has lots of information. With the recession some restaurants have closed or are closed for the slow summer season so phone ahead. Definitely don't need to bring a stove and groceries are readily available at Walmart, Soriana and Commercial Mexicana.

      1. You might want to try your lucks with some carts or stands too.Toscana may be good but it's not Mexican food.I assumed you wanted to eat local.

        1. In Santiago on the main drag across from the shops beside the nursery is a baja fish taco stand which is fresh and great.Towards the city across from Marbella hotel,has chorizo and arrachera steak tacos,vaqueros has great steaks but so does Don Andres Ranch restaurant sort of back of the sorianna a few miles in

          1. Muchas gracias a todos! I am going to print this info and take it with me.