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Jul 24, 2009 10:28 AM

Inspired Cupcake in Asheville

So, I needed bread for dinner tonight so I swung by Creme Patisserie and Confectionery on Merrimon Ave. I got a baguette and just wanted a little bit of something sweet so I decided to get a salted caramel, but that's when I saw it.

It's essentially a s'mores cupcake (I think they call it something else). And, I had to have it. It is sweet, but it's also complex. It's a dense, moist chocolaty cupcake with a graham cracker crust (on the bottom & a dusting on top of the cupcake). Then they do a beautiful homemade marshmallow cream on top, that they then brulee it for some color and added flavor. It's really extraordinary.

I don't think they have it everyday so you might want to call. I've loved all of their desserts so you can't go wrong, but this cupcake... you've got to try it.

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  1. these are popping up all over the place! this was shown on martha stewart (you can also watch the video of how to make it yourself!)

    and there's even a link here on chow. com:

    i can't wait to make them - i just wish i had a little kitchen torch...some say you can "broil" it in the oven to get the same effect, just not as pretty

    1. Wow!!! That sounds sooooo good! I love cake. I love s'mores. A match made in heaven. I tend to stop by Sisters McMullen anytime we are eating out in Asheville, so am now thinking a taste test is in order. I mean, really, can you ever have TOO many cupcakes?? Sometimes we get cupcakes to go and eat them on one of the GPI terraces. Gorgeous and tasty!