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Jul 24, 2009 10:16 AM

capital q smokehouse

. Finally made it in to Capital Q Smokehouse for lunch today. ( ) This is basically a take-away joint, though they do have a small amount of counter seating and a couple of picnic tables. We were really pleased – the guy behind the counter immediately suggested that we sample all three of their pulled pork options (one is more traditional, one is vinegar-based w/ ketchup, the last, and my choice, was vinegar-based w/ mustard.) He also offered to let us sample any sides we wanted. I got a pulled pork plate w/ corn bread w/ maple butter, potato salad (they let you sub either this or macaroni salad for the usual coleslaw,) and mashed sweet potatoes with maple. I also had a bite of friends’ baked beans, hush puppies, mac and cheese. Everything is made in-house, including the pickles you get on the side or in your sandwich, and from what I understand, it is primarily more of a North Carolina-style barbecue. I found the pulled pork w/ mustard to have just enough bite and nice levels of smoke – my friends preferred the most traditional sauce. With drinks we spent ~$10 each, and except for the pleasure of trying many things, I would be inclined to recommend sharing a plate amongst two people. I had to take at least half of my food home. Both of the counter people were really nice, and the guy came out and chatted w/ us while we were eating at the picnic table. We even got to meet the owner’s dog. They also have smoked chicken, beef, and quite a large number of sides – now I am wondering why I didn’t go for some Hoppin’ John! Though I’m not in this area much, I’ll keep it in mind for inexpensive, tasty, friendly barbecue.

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  1. I was really not impressed when I ate at this place. Its a hole in the wall place, that really leaves a lot to be desired. The store is run by teenagers who have no idea what they are doing. The owner forced me to eat pickles on my sandwich, which tasted like feet. Their North and South Carolina, as well as the collards were drenched in vinegar. They over-powered me and almost made me gag. The hush puppies were not cooked completely. The red headed guy that was working there was RUDE and CONDESENDING! When I asked to speak to the manager he rudely replied "yeah, thats me. can I help you?!" I found the whole experience to be very dissapointing. I heard such good things about this place, but after this experience, I regret even wasting my money on it. Not to mention, the day I came the floor was dirty, there was crumbs everywhere- it looked like the store hasntt been clean in days. The health department really needs to check this place out. Hopefully they will get on that. All in all, HANDS DOWN. Dinosaur surpasses this wannabe joint by leaps and bounds. Go back to Okie, Dokie?