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Jul 24, 2009 10:11 AM

New Food in Red Bank

Took a drive this morning to check out Djeet's new spot in The Grove and was disappointed to learn that they will not be open until the weekend or later. Although the printed menus were not ready yet, I spoke with the chef for a few minutes and got the lowdown on the food. Much of the old menu will show up at the new location and they will also be serving dinner. I took a peek at a handwritten copy of the dinner menu and liked what I saw, especially the skirt steak. I'm looking forward to eating there soon.

So, a hop over the train tracks on 35 and I was parking in Red Bank. There was a street fair going on (looks like it will be all weekend) so I figured I would walk a bit and see what was new. The first thing I found was a nearly finished new place at 17 West Front Street called Surf Burger. I sat down with the owner for a few minutes and learned he used to own The Downtown Cafe a few years ago.

This new place has a beach theme and a small menu of mostly burgers, dogs, and wraps with some nachos, wings, salads, and quesadillas too. The thing that caught my eye though was the fresh cut sweet potato fries. He plans on keeping the place open late on weekends to cater to the after-bar crowd. I wished him luck with his opening next week and moved on.

I took a few pictures of the boats on the water and ended up in Marine Park off Front St. there I found another new (to me) place called The Boondocks. Once again I spoke with the owner and got some info. This BYO place has a lot of outdoor seating right on the water and live music most evenings. The food is mostly fish and shrimp and on Tuesday nights they have a good sounding lobster deal. They also serve breakfast on Sat and Sun. Looked like a nice spot to bring a few bottles of wine and hang out by the water.

So I bought a few things at the street fair and stopped off in Lincroft on my way home for some great thai food at Manow and a really good cantaloupe water ice with vanilla custard at Ralph's.

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  1. Seal, thanks for the report. I called D'jeet earlier and they told me they'll be serving lunch on Saturday and full hours starting Monday. So I know where lunch will be next week.

    Surf Burger sounds intriguing. Please keep us informed about it. I might go just for the sweet potato fries.

      1. Surf Burger is Open - Let us know if anyone has had time to try this place.
        17 West Front Street
        Red Bank NJ

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          At some point in my travels picked up a menu.
          Burgers are Half Pound Prime Sirloin burgers - served on a Kaiser roll with seasoned curly fries and pickle. Those sweet potato fries can be added for 1.50 and if you want your burger bigger, 10oz then add 1.75
          Basic burger starts at 7.99
          In addition they have hot dogs, wraps. fried shrimp platters, and salads. It was busy at lunch but had already eaten. Oh, and that day there was no way you were leaving that place without smelling like a burger for the rest of the day!

        2. The original comment has been removed