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Jul 24, 2009 09:42 AM

N'Awlins Jazz Bar & Grill

What is the consensus on this place these days?

I was there 4 years ago and I have memories of eating a delicious pasta dish (looking quickly at the menu I think it was the BB's Linguini Grilled chicken & sun dried tomatoes in a pesto, white wine cream sauce) and listening to great jazz. But, I haven't been there since, nor have I heard about it.

Is there any specific dish from there you recommend or don't recommend? Is that pasta still as good as I remember it?


Are there any other places around there you suggest? I am open to anything. The reason I'll be around there is because I'm going to be seeing Sound of Music next week on a Saturday night at Princess of Wales, so I'm looking for a place nearby to eat pre-show.

I have looked through past posts about how a lot of people don't recommend anything along that strip - but I think I'm a bit desperate to eat somewhere nearby simply because of some time constraints.

Thanks a bunch!

299 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1J5, CA

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  1. Any new reviews on this place?

    1. All those spots on King are geared at tourists and theatre-goers (ie they get away with serving less than stellar food).

      Why not go here instead:

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      1. re: ChalkBoy

        I am looking for a venue that plays Jazz music. Not sure if Tutti Matti and Le Select play jazz or have a live band on Saturdays.

        1. re: TOchowgal

          No jazz band at either TOchowgirl... jazzy-options might be:
          - Reservoir Lounge (actually more swing or blues-y
          - the Rex (although dive-ish, and I mean that in the most charming way)
          - you might catch something at Harlem (though, again, it may not be jazz)
          - or Sopra for a more upscale vibe.

      2. N'awlins -- was a joke then, still a joke now:

        Still no authentic Louisiana food in this town. (the first person to reply "Southern Accent" should be shot...)