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Jul 24, 2009 09:12 AM

Antonio's Tex Mex, What was I thinking?

I have been meaning to post about Antonio's for some time.

The family decided to make a trip to Casey's Snoballs to enjoy when it's 103 outside.....

Anyway we had not eaten and decided to get something on the way.

I selected Antonio's.

The chips had been in a warming drawer so long that they were a dark, dark brown from overcooking and virtually inedible . They were so bad that I could not discern if the salsa was any good from the 3 chips I tried. We told the waiter about the issue and he brought more chips from the same source and we just moved them to the far edge of the table and didn't touch them

The waiter either did not understand the difference or there was no difference between crispy tacos and puffy tacos. I really like puffy tacos and ordered the 3 puffy taco plate and specifically pointed to the item on the menu. 3 Crispy tacos arrived and were not as a good as using Ortega shells and mix. Rice was decent. Beans were subpar

My wife's enchilladas were a complete mystery. One of them was OK to good, but the 2nd had possibly not been cooked at all, there was shredded cheese that was not in the least bit melted or even wilted from heat. except at the edges where it had come into contact with the sauce.

With Amaya's and others so near I have no idea or excuse as to why I ended up here.

BTW Casey's was great, but there were literally more than 25 people ahead of us in line ( I guess the number of 100+ days has been beneficial to them

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  1. It's always astonishing to me that this place remains in business. Terrible food at even more terrible prices, in a city with so much great Tex-Mex. Some friends of mine dove on the grenade and tried the new location at 183 in the old Kerbey Lane. They were unsurprisingly displeased.

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    1. re: jwynne2000

      Antonio's is just basically nasty Tex-Mex, and should go away.....

    2. Given that Antonio is not exactly an uncommon name, it might be a nice touch to add the address or some other clue so that it would trigger a phobic response inthe average seeker of TexMex who was driving around Austin. Not every reader is a super special clued in savant of Austin TexMex.

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      1. re: akachochin

        There are three locations.

        Antonio's Tex Mex
        7522 N I H 35, Austin, TX

        Antonio's Tex Mex
        11835 Jollyville Rd, Austin, TX

        Antonio's Tex Mex
        16912 N I H 35, Austin, TX