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Jul 24, 2009 08:59 AM

Fav at Alamo Drafthouse?

Sometimes you go places for the chow...sometimes you are going to go someplace anyway, and want to eat the best thing while you are there. In that spirit, this is a survey: what (if anything) on the menu would you recommend at Alamo Drafthouse?

Personally, I like their popcorn--the last time I went to the Village Drafthouse, I got popcorn in a metal bowl. (which made me feel like I was a teenager watching movies at a friend's house.) I also like the sangria, which is fairly sweet.

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  1. the $5 milkshake is quite good.

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      if you think that's good, you should try the Guiness milkshake. Holy cow, are those fantastic!

    2. It's amazing to me how different the food & menu is at each location. The Lakeline menu is very limited. I like the Village the best. The Asian Bat wings were really good!

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        Lakeline is not part of the official Alamo chain.

      2. I usually go the South Lamar location, and I like their pizza a lot. The crust is crispy and chewy, and the toppings are tasty.

        The milkshakes are great, too. I love the candied sunflower seeds they top them with.

        I haven't tried their new housemade veggie burger yet, but I want to soon, but I haven't really been impressed with their other sandwiches.

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          I had their house-made black bean burger recently, and it tasted like...well, smooshed up black beans on a bun. Not bad, but not very exciting, either. And not at all meat-like.

        2. We go there at least twice a month. My favorite, look up the war that happened here about a year ago when they took it off the menu, is the poultry-geist pizza (chicken pesto pizza). I personally think Alamo has one of the better pizzas in town.

          I also think the green chile is quite good on a cold day. Green chile fries are good but messy in the dark.

          The guinness milkshake is crazy-good, but very heavy. I don't like the candied sunflower seeds so I always ask sans.

          The steak sandwich has gone both ways, good and bad, and is very difficult to eat. Agree with chrischris that they've never really impressed me.

          I've heard the fried pickles are the best, but I can never convince hubby to order them with me.

          1. The milkshakes, for sure (I usually get vanilla with malt). Also good are the bat wings, the burger with bleu cheese & buffalo sauce, the Asian chicken salad, the fried pickles, and their pizzas...sometimes. The puerco guisada is pretty decent and one of the better deals on the menu, I think.