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Jul 24, 2009 07:58 AM

CT plus VT recs

We are going to spend a week in CT in Enfield with an overnight to Waterbury or possibly Burlington, VT and a definite daytrip on Sunday to Mystic. Looking for must-go places. Willing to drive as we will be visiting around the state. Will have two children. Especially interested in Thai, Vietnamese, sushi, tapas, ice cream and pizza, although open to anything. I've seen the posts for the ice cream so those should be really helpful. My favorite places to eat in Enfield are Sylvia's and Ann's Pizza. For comparison for those who frequent Vegas, I love Lotus of Siam and Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. Tastings in Mystic's website looked interesting but they are closed the day we will be there. Thanks!

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  1. In Waterbury, VT:
    Best: Hen of the Woods (fine dining)
    Then there:
    Stebu Sushi (on main street, in what looks like the basement of a building on the corner of Stowe and Main streets)
    Ocha Thai (from all accounts by those who say they know, this is a reasonably authentic Thai place, I just like the food)
    For a quick lunch sammich there's Park Row, which near Green Mountain Coffee Roaster's visitor's center and the park or Kelli's Grill, which is in the gas station across the street from Aubuchon's Hardware. Kelli's also has creamees. Of course, there's the Ben and Jerry's factory tour and scoop shop in Waterbury Center.
    I'm also very fond of Cold Hollow Cider Mill any time of year. If you're lucky, they'll still have cider for cider slushies. :)

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      Ah, the memories are coming back. I lived in VT 20 years ago. Used to go to Hilary's in Morrisville. And a sandwich shop in Waterbury or Waterbury Center. Can't remember the name of it. It was near an intersection and was blue and long like a trailer and there was steps or a ramp in the middle. I think they had good subs. In Williston was a great place called Espresso. Some of my favorite meals were from there.

      Thanks for the recs. Ocha Thai sounds good. Sushi, too. No fine dining with the kiddos in tow. Of course, we have to do B&J's and Cold Hollow. Probably Cabot store.

      1. re: aekbooth

        And Champlain Chocolates, if you're going to the Cabot shop, then you'll be in the same place! :)

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          In New London (v. near Mystic) Captain Scott's Lobster Dock. Water views, picnic tables, fried whole clams, lobster rolls, BYOB.