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Oct 21, 2004 05:55 PM


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After seeing the list that grubmerister came up with I thought it would be interesting to compile one about sushi. It seems likeeverybody has their "it" place as well an opinion to refute some else's sushi haven- so here we go. Please respond with your 5 favorite sushi spots.

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  1. Yamato-good sushi, good price, great service, ambiance and attitude.

    Katsu-Ya - innovative and tasty sushi, great service. Icky crowds and high proced.

    Iroha - Fabulous atmosphere and ambiance, great sushi, servers who aren't afraid to say when you've ordered TOO MUCH food.

    Sushi Mac- Sushi is typical, but the price and speedy service can't be beat. $2.50 a plate? Annual "Roll eating contest"! Great for Sushi pig-outs.
    Hiro Sushi (Wagon Wheel road in Oxnard)- Grear Sushi, fabulous chef, small-town prices and less crowds.

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    1. re: wavewench

      Moon sushi is amazing!!!! I can not express to you how good the sushi is there! Moon sushi aka. sushi Ryo is on the corner of Santa Monica & Highland. The fiancee and I went there tonight, 11-29, and man was it good. The spicy tuna has NO mayonnaise in it. It is SO fresh tasting! We had so many dishes and everyone there was so pleasant. The owner, who also does catering, was so impressed with our sushi eating that he made us a roll that was spectacular. The roll consisted of albacore tuna, fresh chopped garlic, radish sprouts and deep fried onions, with a a little bit of ponzu sauce. I would definitely go again, and so should you. Please get the heart attack appetizers, which is jalapeƱos, cream cheese and spicy tuna deep fried to perfection. This place is wonderful. You better go there. This is a threat.

      1. re: therealbigtasty

        Yamato has tanked since Toshi quit. It's garbage now. Smaller protions, messier rolls, not so fresh fish.

    2. LA
      4.Sushi Gen
      1.Sushi Wasabi
      4.Wasa on the Bluffs

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      1. re: russkar

        Taiko? I haven't had great sushi at Taiko, but maybe because I'm just an average joe.

        My OC list would be

        1. Wasabe/Shibucho (hard for me to decide) I love their fish. Wasabe has small portions, but quite fresh fish. Shibucho has bigger portions, and on occasion the fish has been spectacularly fresh. I have had toro there that was really excellent. I almost cried.

        2. Abe. Ikura (salmon egg) cocktail is a fave of mine. Omakase is $50 for dinner and $25 for lunch. Lunch omakase is a good deal IMHO. Presentation here is kind of cool, different plates and glasses and such. A holdover from his Beverly Hills days, I guess.

        3. Ango Tei (I don't get regular sushi, only order off the specials). Still die-hard sushi fans might be disappointed with this place. More of a neighborhood joint where you bring your kids and order spicy tuna for them. I like it.

        1. re: jschyun

          For OC, I would throw in San Shi Go in Laguna beach across from the Sandpiper (dirty bird). When I am down in OC it is a must stop.

        2. re: russkar

          Sakura on Centinela or in Pasadena?

          1. re: russkar

            yes, russkar, i'm also surprised to see Taiko (brentwood??) on the list. I like the place for noodles but never ventured into far into their sushi. a quick search in the yellow pages shows a place in El Segundo as well...

            Also, if you search for Sakura there are some negative reviews of the place in Chowhound. curious opinion therefore. really, better than sushi zo? sushi gen? kiriko?

            1. re: epop

              Don't wanna speak for russkar, but I'm pretty sure he means the Taiko in Irvine.

          2. I haven't had the.. err.. werewithal to get to Urasawa yet, so..


            1. Nozawa: I actually have made a trip up from Irvine with wife and two infants just to eat there (used to live much closer, in downtown LA)
            2. The Hump: the first place I had kumamoto oysters.. you never forget your first. ;)
            3. Matsuhisa: admittedly, have not eaten here in a couple of years
            4. U-Zen: my favorite neighborhood haunt type sushi place
            5. (leaving a place for Urasawa to bump some/all of the above.. someday!)


            1. Sushi Wasabi: far ahead of the field in OC, probably would be #3 for me if in LA
            2. Shibucho
            3. Kitayama
            4. Kotobuki
            (can't think of five I'd list)

            1. Chiba Japanese Restaurant in N. Hollywood

              One of the oldest sushi esbalishments in Los Angeles, run by the son of the original owner, we have not frequented any other sushi place since finding this one.

              I have sent many of my friends, and they have all loved this place.

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              1. re: Wonner

                1. Mori Sushi
                2. R-23
                3. Sushi Ike
                4. Mako (Weller Court)
                5. Sushi Ryo

                [admittedly based on less than comprehensive exposure]

              2. where's sasabune in this list?? i actually think sasabune is the best.

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                1. re: adelly

                  We've had probably a hundred long sushi threads since this one, and Sasabune almost always comes up. I hate these threads, though -- they always end up bitter in tone. "Oh, you like Sasabune? Well obviously you might as well go to TODAI..." and things like that.

                  1. re: adelly

                    Your correct, Sasebune should have been my #3 for LA.