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Jul 24, 2009 07:38 AM

Atlanta trip - Craft vs. H&Fitch

Hello Atlanta Chowhounders! I am traveling in Buckhead on Tuesday. Which is a better choice for food? Comments on both places?

Can you suggest a gourmet food shop in Atlanta?



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  1. H & F and Craft are completely different restaurants. A closer comparison would be Craftbar (you actually walk through Craftbar to go upstairs to Craft) and H & F. Craft is very, very expensive fine dining while H & F is a Gourmet Gastropub with small plates, way less money and a younger crowd. All depends on your budget and what you‘re looking for. If I was on an expense account I would do Craft, if it was my own money; H & F. I enjoyed Craftbar, but I am very biased to H & F as I think the menu is a bit more adventurous and I’ve never had a bad meal there.

    As far as a food store you can’t beat Star Provisions on Howell Mill Road on the Westside, it’s not too far from Buckhead.

    Star Provisions
    1198 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

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    1. What are you looking for, gourmet-food-shop-wise?

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        I meant Craftbar. Sorry for the confusion. I like both menus. The hushpuupies on the craftbar menu are calling my name...I will report back.

        Star Provisions is just what I am looking for...thanks!!!

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          I know you are leaning toward Craftbar, and I haven't been there, but I'd totally recommend H&F. They are local, rather than a celebrity-chef driven outpost. Everything I have had in my three visits to H&F has been very good without exception, and some things were truly wonderful. Very inventive and clever menu showcasing locally-sourced ingredients without being silly. Yum. Only downsides are that the space is small, which sometimes means a wait, but if you are alone or with only a couple of folks you could always eat in the bar section. Waitstaff, esp the older guy with the beard, can be a bit cranky/not helpful, but that is most likely bc they are usually slammed.

          I hate the see-and-be-seen scene in general, and this is a bit like that sometimes ( you are in Buckhead, after all), but the food is totally worth putting up with any whiff of that. Tom Colicchio may be great but he doesn't live in the ATL.

      2. My last trip to Atlanta in February I went to Craft and H&F as my two restaurants, and when I go back there in September, H&F is going to be the one that I try to get back to. The food was more creative, the prices more reasonable, and I just found it to be a more memorable meal. Craft was much easier to sit down in, and hear yourself talk in, and the food was excellent, but H&F is what I would go back to if I was in town again.