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Jul 24, 2009 07:13 AM

Best Cheesecake in DC

Looking for the best Metro-accessible slice of cheesecake in DC. Prefer a graham-cracker crust but will hear arguments for others. I am also a purist...don't be telling me about some oreo cookie cheesecake or caramel macchiato cheesecake.


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  1. Here's a recent thread that should point you in the right direction:

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    1. re: Elyssa

      Kinda....but too many recs for Trader Joe's in there. I want it at a restaurant. After a nice meal with a great cup of coffee. And if I am not mistaken, NY cheesecake does not have graham cracker, right? But thanks Elyssa!!

      1. re: debit

        NY Cheesecake does have graham cracker least the type I have.

        Go to Ray's or Kramerbooks and Afterwards. I'm pretty sure both have graham cracker crust.

    2. The original comment has been removed