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Jul 24, 2009 06:45 AM

Dinner in Montreal - Week of Aug 10th

Bonjour all,

I will be in Montreal with my beautiful wife again this summer and need an interesting and different place for dinner. I have been to Pied de Cochon so not looking to go there. I will be staying downtown so any location is good. Food options are open...Meat/Fish/French whatever.

Would help if the place is nice and interesting...patio's are always a nice touch.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions.


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  1. I have 3 downtown options for you, places I've been recently; La Montée on Bishop,
    Bice on Sherbrooke west, and Il Cortile, also on Sherbrooke west, it has a great courtyard. Montée is french, the other 2 are upscale italian with meat and fish options,
    more options at Bice.
    I'm sure you'll get tons of recs for the mile end and plateau area so I stuck to downtown options.

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    1. re: superbossmom

      Bice is expensive and not very good. I think it's much more a place "to see and be seen".

      1. re: eoj

        I agree after looking at the menu. I have to many places in Montreal. This time I am looking for a total experience to share with my wife. I hate to say this but the food can be secondary.

        1. re: bjinyyz

          That would be a waste since Montreal has many restaurants that have both great atmosphere and amazing food. There's lots of threads on the greatest hits and favourites to find these in.

      1. re: superbossmom

        Thank you very much. They all look very good.