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Better than . . .pie?

Just had my first slice of Pie 'n Burger fresh peach pie this year, and it tasted as great as always. My favorite 2 1/2 pies are the following:

1) Fresh peach pie from pie 'n burger
2) Harvest pie from Coco's (the only good thing about Coco's)
2 1/2) Donut man's fresh strawberry and peach donuts (ijust think it's fresh pie filling with a jelly donut crust)

Are there any pies out there better in LA?

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  1. I hate to say this, but I LIKE the pies at Costco. Especially the Dutch apple

    I also like:
    Polly's Pies
    4 N 20's Strawberry Pie
    Jongworld's Pies (lots of them)

    I don't think Donut man's fresh peach or strawberry donuts are pie filling-the strawberry one had rather big hunks if not whole berries. But I see the comparison.

    Not pie, but one of the best slices of cheesecake I had (hey, it has a CRUST, right?) was at Valley Inn.

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      When I went to Donut Man, they had stacks of empty Driscoll's strawberries boxes out back. It's definitely not pie filling.

      1. re: Jordan

        Sorry. Yes, they do use fresh fruit to make their donuts, and they are great!
        The pie glaze with the fresh fruit make the donuts awesome.

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        Favorite pie is the Banana Meringue at Polly's Pies... no, it's not on the menu anymore but if you call in advance, they'll make you one (in my experience).

      3. Love peach pie.
        Hate Pie 'n Burger.

        1. I regretfully have yet to try Pie n Burger still, but the banana cream pie at Apple Pan is pretty amazing.

          1. I've never had the dutch apple at Costco, but I've tried their pecan, and it was easily the scariest pie I've ever had -- the top was gummy and disturbing.

            Pie 'n Burger has my favorite pies in L.A. -- peach, banana cream, pecan...you can't go wrong.

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              I have to agree, I'm not a fan of Costco pies.

            2. I have yet to try Pie N Burger, but my favorites are...

              Apple from House of Pies (kind of a savory crust-I can see it being the same crust as the chicken pot pie.)
              Chocolate Silk, Marionberry and Boysenberry from Pollys Pies
              Peach pie and Kahlua cheesecake from Marie Callenders
              Pear tart tatin from Susina (does that count?)
              Vegan Pecan pie from Mani's Bakery
              and, I hate to say it, but those bake-yourself from the grocery store around holiday season, esp the apple crumble, never disapoint.

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              1. re: Phurstluv

                OK, Phurstluv. I get that you don't like Pie n Burger. Help me out here with a better pie then.
                Convince me that there's a better pie out there. Be specific.

                1. re: nomo_fan

                  Sorry, I don't eat a lot of pie, unless it's homemade!

                2. re: schrutefarms

                  You seem to really like pie! Thanks for the break down of what to try at those places.

                  You might like the apple or pecan at Pie N Burger.

                  At Jongewaard's Bake 'n Broil the crust is trully perfect and the Lush pies (Lemon Lush --OMG!) are really good.The cherry or chocolate / walnut are also good. The whole long list of pies are good but the apple is not their best -- get that at P&B.. The German Chocolate and Red Velvet cakes or upcakes are great as well. A slice of pie comes with the burger special which ialso ncludes a soft drink for about $8. That is probably the best meal deal in the L.A. area.

                  Jongewaard's Bake 'n Broil
                  3697 Atlantic Ave
                  Long Beach, CA 90807
                  (562) 595-0396

                  1. re: JeetJet

                    Right now they got Ollaberry pie, think it's $1.25/slice more than the other pies, but well worth it.

                    1. re: JeetJet

                      I haven't been to Bake-N-Broil since I was a kid in the '80's, but I used to love it. Don't know if they still make their homeade croutons, but I used to ask for a bowl of them to snack on...

                      1. re: schrutefarms

                        Yes, still have the homemade croutons.
                        Went tonight and no Ollaiiberry pie, but fresh peach pie.

                    2. re: schrutefarms

                      no need to try pie n burger's banana creme... apple pan's is way better.

                    3. Philippe's the Original in Downtown LA (near Chinatown) has excellent pie, baked fresh daily.

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                        I recommend Philippe's coconut cream pie. I can't recommend their apple pie.

                      2. lemon cream cheese pie from marie callender's...delish!

                        1. Banana cream pie at The Apple Pan.

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                          1. re: bulavinaka

                            I will second and third this wholeheartedly. While I personally think the burgers are a terrible value, the banana cream pie makes me weak in the knees.

                            1. re: taiwanesesmalleats

                              Wholeheartedly agree with all the recommendations for the banana cream pie at Apple Pan (weirdly, the banana cream is miles better than all the other pies there - apple included). Susina also does a very good banana cream pie.

                              And should you ever find yourself out in Colton California, Mommie Helens (in a strip mall off the freeway) has seriously good pie and cobbler.

                          2. What is a Harvest pie from Coco's like?

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                              Harvest pie has a normal pie crust with pumpkin pie filling on the bottom half and a pumpkin mousse on the top half with whipped cream on top. A friend bought it over about two years ago, and when I ate it, I was shocked by how good it was. I generally don't enjoy eating pumpkin pie, but this pie was delicious.

                            2. a second good thing from coco's is only available by special order and not available at all of the branches:
                              can't remember what they call it, but it is a layer cake with delicious lemon curd between layers of yellow cake with a white icing on top.

                              1. As a severe pie fanatic, the only pie I have found in Los Angeles that I like more than Pie 'n Burger is Bake 'n Broil. Bake 'n Broil is a wonder. French blackberry pie topped a la mode, fresh strawberries on buttermilk shortcake, and the best banana cream pie I've ever had.

                                1. Anybody remember a frozen lemon pie served at a cafe in Big Bear (whose name was something like Wagon Wheel, maybe)? I used to dream about it!

                                  1. I'm all about Dupars Gooseberry pie!

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                                    1. re: evildeadwench

                                      OK. All.
                                      Based on all of the recommendations, I went to Bake n Broil tonight with wife. Sampled the red velvet cake, the fresh peach pie with whipped cream, and the banana cream pie. All were good, but I must say that I like Pie n Burger much better. I liked my french onion soup more that anything else tonight, but I've also had better french onion soup at the Red Door Bistro in Calgary. Everything was good at Bake n Broil, but nothing gave me the "WOW" feeling to want to drive 45 minutes back. Next on the list to try is Apple Pan.

                                      1. re: nomo_fan

                                        The hamburger at Bake n Broil is much better than at Pie n Burger.
                                        $8.25 for the hamburger special, comes with a drink and pie or soup or salad.
                                        I drive the 30 minutes to Bake n Broil over the 10 minutes to Pie n Burger at least three times a month.

                                        L'Thai Westside - Smyrna
                                        4500 West Village Place, Atlanta, GA 30080

                                        1. re: monku

                                          I agree. Also, the foundation of any sandwich, including a hamburger sandwich, is the bread and the bakery bun at Bake n Broil is much better than the crappy cheap bun at Pie n Burger. Moreover, the foundation of a pie is the crust and IMO, the crust at Bake n Broil is perfection. The last time I went to Pie n Burger I could not fogrive myself for paying almost three times what I would have paid at Bake n Broil and decided it was my last vist to Pie n Burger.

                                          1. re: JeetJet

                                            ill have to try the pie burger combo at jonegards bake n broil. hey jeet, are you still a vegetarian or what?

                                            1. re: kevin

                                              Yeah, still not eating meat and I am having some issues about these post I make about eating meat and may stop doing that also. What I really have in mind is good food and good price. So no more beef burgers Ifor me but a post above by "schrutefarms" mentions some great homeade croutons at Bake-N-Broil and that has me wanting to see what salads they have that will go along with the pie selection.. I have been wanting that Lemon Lust and so maybe soon I will get back there for a meal w/ a slice of pie. Bake-N-Broil also has a great banana cream, cherry, pecan -and more but the apple is better at Pie n Burger.

                                            2. re: JeetJet

                                              But then you won't be able to eat their fantastic thin pancakes you like so much

                                                1. re: orythedog

                                                  I made a mistake here. I got Apple Pan confused with Pie & Burger. Both of those places are priced so much over Bake and Broil I always get them confused. I still like Pie and Burger for that apple pie and pecan but it is Apple Pan that I am not returning to anymore. Also, Pie and Burger does have the best thin chewy pancakes I have ever had. Thanks for setting me stright.

                                        2. banana creme pie is much better at apple pan and urth caffe than at pie n burger or b&b.

                                          1. The apricot pie at Bake & Broil is amazing. Their banana cream pie is also excellent

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                                            1. re: Ernie

                                              Thank you so much for the responses. I went back to Pie and Burger for the Peach Pie, but they said that they were done for the season. Is the apricot pie at Bake and Broil fresh? I'll try the Apple Pan soon.

                                              1. re: nomo_fan

                                                Not sure if there is fresh apricot pie at Bake & Broil.

                                                Fresh peach donut is in season at the Donut Man. Went by the other day, unfortunately they were closed Labor Day until 6pm.

                                                Donut Man
                                                915 E Rte 66, Glendora, CA 91740

                                                1. re: monku

                                                  Went to Bake & Broil today and had the fresh peach pie. They also had fresh strawberry pie. No apricot pie (not a fresh pie offering) today.