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Jul 24, 2009 06:22 AM

DFW-Catered BBQ

I need to pick up BBQ for about 25 tonight for some San Francisco folk that are in town. Ribs and Brisket and sides are a must. I'm pretty well versed in the lack of good BBQ in Dallas. So, I'm thinking Bakers cuz the ribs are good and sides are also. Brisket is so-so. Anybody have a better suggestion?

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  1. D/FW covers many miles. What part are you talking about?

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    1. I know Longorias does catering for Rahr during the saturday tours and they aren't bad. While their brisket isn't anything impressive, their specialty is brisket sausage. The casing pops full of beefy smoky flavor, it's quite good. Bit of a drive though..

      1. Just wanted to close this one out. We are really pleasantly supprized by how good and reasonable, Baker's Ribs on Greenville was. We fed about 30 with ribs, pulled, pork, and brisket, tater salad (dilled and good), beans, corn and black bean salad for $10 ahead. All meats were outstanding, particularly the pulled pork. I'm a native Texan, but have a prediliction for some pig BBQ. Props to Bakers.

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