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Jul 24, 2009 06:02 AM

What's good in Kensington market?

Thinking about visiting Kensington market for Pedestrian sundays. Haven't been there in many years, I used to like Jumbo Empanadas and pupusas from Perola's. I'm sure things have changed significantly since then, what's good there these days?

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  1. Those guys are still there. I like Big Fat Burrito on Augusta. You'd be surprised how little has changed actually. It's quite refreshing.

    1. Was just there this morning and thinking how much it continues to be my favourite 'hood for walking around and chowing.

      I tried the arugula salad from Rice Bar that was mentioned on the arugula thread - very tasty. I've always loved the papusas. A latte from Louie's at the corner of Augusta and Baldwin is a must. Salad bar at Urban Herbivore is great. Drop in to the Good Egg cook/bookshop - lots of fun things to peruse. At dinner time, head over to Torito for tapas. Cheeses and baked goods at one of the cheese shops or bakeries. Haven't tried Wanda's or Pennylicks yet but I've heard good things about both. There's more but that should give you a few good ideas to start with.

      1. I don't think Perola's has the pupusa ladies anymore. It's a different group doing tacos now. Emporio Latinho does have pupusas in the back, as well as tamales and some other things.

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          I get a tamale from them almost every time I go.

          Doubles at Patty King are great. The patties are okay but better when had on coco bread.

          The 3 Chorizo chili from Segovia is excellent too. I also love his empenadas as well.


          1. re: Davwud

            Doubles at Patty King are not great! Doubles at Patty King are what you eat when you can't make it to the 'burbs, which is, sadly, all to often.

            1. re: capiscum

              Okay, well as I mentioned on another thread. I've had doubles in two places. The first time I don't remember where but it was merely okay. I've had them twice at PK and loved them both times.


          2. re: Snarf

            Taco ladies are indeed different than the pupusa lady now. They serve the best tacos in Kensington, much better than the rest of the neighbourhood (el trompo, la tortilleria, etc). If you're looking for authenticity, big fat burrito is a pass for sure.

          3. If you are in the mood for a crepe, I really enjoyed my crepe at Hibiscus last time I was in teh area...

            1. Has anyone tried the Indian tapas place just down from Rice Bar?

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              1. re: Ediblethoughts

                I've been to Waterfalls. The food was good, but the focus of the menu is a bit scattered. For example, they have all the usual Indian offerings plus french fries (!?). It left me scratching my head. But don't let that deter you. I hope they refine things. I think they fill a niche in the 'hood.

                In response to the original question, I still love Jumbo Empanadas. I'll second Amadeu's - it's great for people watching on the patio. Wanda's Pie in the Sky is a relatively recent arrival (new location) and has very nice sweet treats. For hot beverages and small snacks, Moon Beam Cafe is always great too.

                  1. re: topbanana

                    Good to know. It looked promising. Yeah, I don't get these places that have a neat menu that's unusual but still within a theme---and then they go and add something weird like that to it. Do they think this will attract parents whose children eat nothing but ffs?

                    1. re: topbanana

                      Its true about Waterfalls. The menu and atmo are very un-Market, but the food is pretty good, and the sore-thumbedness of the place makes it actually fit in, in a weird way.