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Jul 24, 2009 05:52 AM

Cheap, Delicious Bagel in West Village

Okay, New Yorkers. I need your help.

I live on 14th st. Bet. 5th and 6th ave. and I am trying to find a bagel place to call my own. I like my bagels big, chewy, and piping hot.

I used to live in Queens, where the bagels are delicious and insanely cheap by the baker's dozen....and suddenly i find that here, the norm is 12 dollars (give or take a few dollars) per baker's dozen. Yikes.

What is the cheapest dozen around my area, without sacrificing that perfect NY bagel taste and texture?

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  1. Based on your post, you're closer to union square and central village, not so much west village (where there aren't any good bagel places as far as i'm concerned.) that said, you're right by murray's bagels on 6th between 12/13th street. give that a try. not sure if that will be the "cheapest" bagel, but bagels are pretty cheap to start with.

    i can't vouch for Bagels on the Square on Carmine off 7th, but some people love that and it's known to be cheap. but cheap is relative in manhattan and not much will be as cheap as queens.

    1. You are really close to Murray's, which has delicious bagels like capt said. I go to Lang and usually grab a bagel on my way to class.

      1. Unfortunately, that $1 mark is about standard for Manhattan. They price went up when gas shot up, and it never went back down.