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Jul 24, 2009 05:30 AM

Flatwater Grill Oakridge Tennessee

Hello Chowhounders,
I just got back from a rowing trip in Oakridge and wanted to pass along a lucky find. There is a restaurant on the starting line that accommodated my team of 120 and fed us amazingly fabulous,well-priced food. I highly recommend their catering. Beautiful views and wonderful food!
They have a wood grill and served moist salmon(much to all our surprises) and a variety of
other meats,pastas and veggies. Their Cosmos were 4.00-a welcome shock to all of us who are starting to pay New York drink prices in Boston.

Places I also used: Panerra Bread for our end of trip box lunches(manager Dave couln't have been more helpful).Soccer Taco from Knoxville for Mexican. Nelia was so helpful and was a delight to work with.

Didn't love the BBQ place I chose, will be emailing my TN chowhounders next year for more suggestions!

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    1. re: LGD

      M& M-they were great to deal with but didn't love it.

      1. re: poochie

        Lived in Knoxville for 25 years and never heard of M&M BBQ. No wonder you didn't like it. Next time.....Buddy's BBQ or Calhoun's BBQ can fill your needs.