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Jul 24, 2009 04:00 AM

Solo brand canned almond paste?

where do they sell solo brand canned almond paste (8oz) in manhattan? is there a particular supermarket chain that carries them? i've only seen the odense tubes in my grocery stores.

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen Solo brand almond paste in Manhattan. Kalustyan's carries the Love'n Bake brand, but they charge a fortune for it. You can also find Love'n Bake at Sahadi's in Brooklyn for less than what Kalustyan's charges. Those are the only two stores I know of that usually have it in stock. I've seen it at Zabar's, but only during the holidays. Odense seems to have the Manhattan market locked up pretty tight (and I don't like it either).

    Love'n Bake, by the way, used to be American Almond and is an excellent almond paste.

    1. I'm fairly sure you can find it at NY Cake and Baking Supply on 22nd just east of 6th Ave. (I've certainly seen it there, but I'm not in regularly enough to know if they carry it all the time.) In Brooklyn, Sahadi does stock the full Solo line.

      1. SOLO Almond Paste is sold on Is it better than the other brands? I was looking for Almond Paste to make Almond Granita (sicilian style).
        I am going to give it a shot, if you guys say you don't like Odense I'll go for the SOLO brand instead.

        1. Nearly a month later... oddly enough I saw the Solo paste this afternoon in the Pioneer on the corner of Columbus and 74th St. I haven't noticed it before but having seen Halloween cards in a card shop earlier today as well (in August?), it occurs to me they me already be getting it in for "the holidays" !

          Edit: I'm all but sure I've seen some of the Love 'n Bake line at more than one Whole Foods, and Citarella's has carried some of them, too.