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Jul 24, 2009 03:56 AM

Whitstable: Cheap & Delicious?

We are headed there this weekend. Can't afford The Sportsman, alas. Any other suggestions of where to lunch and dine?

Much thanks!

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  1. There's another recent thread on the board about Whitstable, but my recommendation would be Wheelers - you can either sit at the bar and have a delicious assortment of seafood (potted shrimps, mussels, crab, oysters, etc) or book for their tiny and eccentric restaurant in the room behind - the food is great and it's BYO so makes it very reasonable.

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    1. re: pj26

      Wheelers is lovely but you usually have to book way in advance. There's a new one opened above Deco 5 wine bar at the other end of town, opposite the bingo hall, which is gorgeous and has lovely food. Crayfish tails are highly recommended!

      1. re: papergirl

        Fair point for the restaurant, but you dont have to book for the front seafood bar at Wheelers - just turn up.