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Jul 24, 2009 02:16 AM

Sonic in New Jersey

Sometime last year Sonic moved into New Jersey. I didn't go because the location was quite far from me. Recently 2 more locations opened up fairly close. I went to one last Sunday and was turned away because of the crowds. I've never seen anything like it. Four uniformed policemen directing traffic! And from what I've heard and read, it's always like this. I talked to one of the cops as well as a friend of mine who was lucky to grab a spot as someone was leaving. Both said the burgers are very similar to Wendy's. If so, I'd just as soon go to Wendy's. I know there is the novelty and curiosity factors, but these locations have been open for weeks and there's lines every day with most being turned away. It can't be worth the hype.

What are some opinions of Sonic? Similar to Wendy's? How are their hot dogs? Anyone know the brand? Thanks.

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  1. I've had it in the past, nothing special. The novelty is the car hop service and the fact that you can get numerous different drinks and drink combinations there. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there, there are better burgers and hot dogs elsewhere in Jersey.

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      Exactly. The novelty is the drive-in and added popularity has come from the commercials shown for years while there were no locations around.

      It's a great place to pig out - the menu is huge. But the quality isn't amazing or anything like that.

    2. Average sandwiches and fast food salads. You go there for the specialty drinks and side dishes, and for soft serve if they're more convenient than Dairy Queen.

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        1. There is a sign on RT 22E in Greenbrook-'Sonic coming soon'.

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            We saw that sign on the way to:


            which was fantastic.

          2. I finally went to the Sonic Drive In on Rt 46 in Totowa. Until just recently, the lines were unbelievable with 4 cops working full time directing traffic. I was told by my son and friends that they took your license plate number and made you circle the place 3 times and head out to rt 46 and come back. I would never do this. My son and friends waited an hour at 1:30 AM one night.
            The lines finally stopped as the novelty wore off. I was on my way to Pappy's Diner for a few Texas Weiners and happenned to see there was no line at Sonic. I went through the drrive in and ordered a cheeseburger and small fries. Hardly any fries, even for a buck. They were below average, not as good as Wendy's or McDonald's, but better than Burger King. The cheeseburger came with lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, onions (which I left out) and ketchup. You could have mustard and mayo if you wish.

            The bun was wide (in diameter) and the burger fit it, but was very thin. Also flavorless. The burgers are highly overrated in my opinion. I've heard them compared to Wendy's, but Wendy's blows them away. Not that it is saying much. Another overhyped place. Guess it really is about the drinks.

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              I've never heard anyone really rave about their burgers. I prefer their tator tots and grilled cheese sandwich. And a pineapple malt or limeade.

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                does sonci still have the hot fudge brownie blast? i couldnt find it on their site. i just want to make sure they do before i make the 40 minute drive to try sonic.
                OP which sonic did you go to that had tons of cops? im going to the howell nj one.

                1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

                  I like Sonic because I grew up with it, but judging from your reaction to Five Guys, you may be disappointed with it. Sonic's burgers are similar in size to the Whopper, but they are fried instead of grilled. There are no wacky toppings. Just the basics. The creativity is in the drinks, desserts and sides.

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                    well to be fair i was just dissapointed in 5 guys size for the price. it doesnt take much to fill me up. either 3 double stacks from wendys or two angus burgers from mcdonalds. i dont eat fries and dont usually get a drink so thats why i eat a bigger burger. i was looking at their menu and the chicken bacon ranch crispy looks great. although i ma cheapskate so id probably just get 3 dollar chickenstrip sandwhiches. however does anybody know if the sonics still have the hot fudge brownie blasts i wouldd not go to sonic just for a chicken sandwhich.

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                        The one here doesn't have it, and the online menu doesn't have it, so probably not.