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Jul 24, 2009 12:18 AM

Charcoal Grill Box for kebabs

When I recently visited Israel, kebabs of meat were grilled over metal boxes measuring about 3 feet wide by 1.5 feet long. they were just big enough for the skewers to rest on the top of the box. anyway know what im talking about or knows where/how to get one.

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  1. Alton Brown made one in his backyard by shoveling out a narrow channel for charcoal and surrounding it by bricks on which to lay the skewers. If it's feasible, that may be your best/cheapest option!

    1. These are all over China, and the 'Stans. I've even seen one / eaten from one attached to a Bicycle in Far western China.
      Probably your best bet is to find a small metal shop who'll weld something up for you.

      1. I use a couple of the largest and deepest enamelled steel roasting tins that I could buy, double foil lining to extend their life. Not quite the same, but pretty effective.

        1. I'm guessing you're referring to the ever-popular "mangal," of which the pic below (click for a larger, clearer version) shows a fancy model with legs. They are cheap and so ubiquitous in Israel, that sometimes it seems everyone has one in the trunk of the car for an emergency cookout.

          I found something similar on Amazon, the Bayou Classic Fold And Go Portable Cypress Charcoal Grill, $24.99 from, I'll try to link to it below too.

          The sizes are similar but not identical. The Israeli model is 500 x 315 mm (or 19" x 12"), and the Bayou Grill is 19" x 14", so it's 2" wider. But that's pretty close!

          Bayou Fold and Go Grill

          But I have to say, no matter what grill I would get, I don't know if I could duplicate those spice mixes that make the kebabs so irresistible!

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            Yes, the Fold And Go Grill is pretty close to the same size. It is $24.89 at You can find it here:


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              thank you so much for attaching the name to my fond memories. now that i know what its called, finding exactly what i need will be so much easier. thanks for the amazon suggestion too.

            2. There's this:

              But THIS is absolutely BRILLIANT!!:

              I bet you can have a metal worker fabricate one out of sheet metal for a pretty decent price...

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