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Jul 23, 2009 11:22 PM

One Last Great Lunch in Manhattan

I'm moving out of Manhattan tomorrow after living in this wonderful city for the last two years. I want to take my girlfriend out to one last great lunch. It can be anything, but I want it to be a special meal that she'll really enjoy. She's from Manhattan, but hasn't experienced many restaurants here. Price range is $15-45 a person. Any ideas?

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  1. Jean George, and a stroll through the park after?

    Are you looking for great food, or a special meal to make you feel nostalgic about the city?
    I think I would just pick one of your favorite stand by places and go there.

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    1. re: sugartoof

      I'm looking for both. Delicious food that she hasn't experienced before but also a place that will remind us of the greatest city on earth.

      Jean George is a good choice, but maybe too stuffy in my humble opinion. I'm looking for something a little more laid back and a little more funky and different.

    2. What are your cuisine preferences? Any avoids? And is that $15-$45 budget just for food?

      ETA: To clarify, is the lunch today, Friday?

        1. The Boathouse in Central Park. It will be a memorable last meal.