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Jul 23, 2009 10:13 PM

Canale Atwater lately

Been here lately ?
Still at top form or slipping?

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  1. I had brunch there last Sunday. It was good not great. That was my first time having brunch at Canele, so I have nothing to compare it to. I didn't order the french toast which is what most people rave about. I'm definitely going to give it another try.
    Their dinner however is still in top from in my opinion. I live in the area and Canele has been a regular spot of mine for 2 1/2 years or so. Revisit it!

    1. As good as it ever has been.

      1. I was there last night - lovely meal (I always love their brandade), well-paced, and none of the service issues that popped up in a recent thread.

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          jaciinthe what time was your dinner ?
          I went last night as well and I must confess my post was sneaky heres is the good, bad ugly and great.
          I really like Canale but last night was a disaster.
          The Good salads arrived and were fresh and tasty.
          The Bad entrees take a long time to get to the table while choking on strong burnt garlic fumes from the kitchen, yikes.
          The Ugly food arrives cold, not warm , cold and looking like it sat out.
          I must say the manager handled it VERY well by not charging us for food or the bottle of wine after we stated the complaint.
          We left hungry, unfed and saddened.
          My follow up today was a phone call to explain that something went horribly wrong without any expectation and simply to make the owner aware that the perfect storm hit and it hit last night.
          Again nothing but pure professionalism as I spoke with the owner who was alerted to what happened and she was truly mortified comped our next meal which truly was not the reason why I called.
          I really like this place and have had nothing but great meals here so my point is even the best of places can have a seriously bad night.
          All in All a class act.

        2. Canele last night...excellent dinner! All the parts worked smoothly together to make this a destination restaurant. Of course, it was the perfect choice after seeing "Julie & Julia!"

          We did not need reservations for a 5:30pm seating on a Saturday night, but by the time we left -- about 7:00pm -- the restaurant was nicely filling and almost full. We did call ahead, and upon our arrival a few minutes early, we were greeted warmly and seated.

          Our appetizers were the highlight. The gazpacho soup with a soft-boiled half egg was refreshing on a summer evening. The tuna tartar special app was a generous plate of fresh toro (we saw the chef slicing our selection from the whole fish!) that exploded with flavor from a bed of mini-plums, Meyer lemon slices and arugula...all topped with a very good quality olive oil. This tuna appetizer was memorable!

          Our entrees included a roasted chicken with grits and a duck confit with crispy mustard greens and red rice...all well executed and nicely plated.

          Our service was attentive, friendly and professional. Our server knew the menu well and advised us when solicited. The owner was present and available...I always like to see that.

          There is a wonderful surprise at the door as you leave...the best I have ever tasted! There is a wonderful vibe of passion about this place...and they really seem to care about their customers. We will return.

          1. I was there a little over a week ago. I had the chilled celery soup, bistro steak, and flourless chocolate cake. Other than the steak having some gristle in it, everything was excellent. The pommes Anna were incredible, some of the best potatoes I've ever had. I generally am blasé about flourless chocolate cake, but none of their desserts jumped out at me, so I defaulted to chocolate. I did enjoy the cake; the toffee helped. Someone who likes that kind of cake more would probably love it.

            Service was really good as well - attentive, not too formal, not too informal. And Corina (the chef/co-owner) is just great - a talented chef and a warm host.

            I expect to be back soon.

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            1. re: mrhooks

              Hi, mrhooks!
              A couple of your comments rang true with our visit last night as well.

              You captured the service quite well with your "not too formal, not too informal" comment. We felt very welcome and comfortable. We also found the chef/owner, Corina, to be passionate about her work, yet graceful as a hostess. We spoke with her briefly on our way out, and she genuinely was touched by our "wow's."

              1. re: liu

                Corina and Jane are two quality people who really want to make your experience at Canele to be mutual.
                That said, Corina takes off Thursday nights, and Jane has been known to as well, so trying to go on any other night will probably guarantee more consistent service.
                The guys that cook on Thursday nights know how to do pork, short ribs, and that leg of lamb dish, each a staple of mine after a Silver Lake Wine tasting, assuming I drank red wine. But as someone above said, the brandade was also good when in that mood.
                I don't generally do desserts, so really have never tested them.