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Jul 23, 2009 09:12 PM

who's makes toronto's best veal sandwich???

the best i've had so far isn't in the city, it was at via panini in maple, pretty much the best i've had anywhere. i'm curious what else is out there tho, something with substantial size, nice, bright red, tasty sauce, veal that remains somewhat crispy after sauce is applied, good topping and a nice bun....

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  1. I always thought that Dante's made the best veal sandwich I have ever tasted, too bad they are no longer relatively close to me:(

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    1. re: callitasicit

      As much as I like Dante's, I wouldn't rank it "best", especially by the OP's criteria. For one thing, the veal barely has any breading, and I wouldn't describe it as "crisp" at the best of times. And it's virtually impossible to eat with your hands.

      My personal fave that meets the OP's standards is San Francesca on Clinton (next to the Monarch Tavern, lately the home of Caplansky's), while I know others swear by California Sandwiches. I really used to like the one at Camisso Bros. and Racco Italian Bakery off Castlefield, but I haven't been there for a decade at least; I don't even know if they're still in business!

    2. lol sup chris, got ur text the other day but i wasnt around sorry bud

      going to start by saying NOT california sandwiches, at ANY location, anymore. Sorry people but it's not the same place it was years ago and their sandwich is soggy and inferior now IMO

      Ricci's in Woodbridge can make some excellent ones.. or very average ones.. seems to depend on how its cooked or whos cooking... steady take-out flow there so theyre busy...their phone number is like 1-800-veal even, lol.... it's pretty decent standard to go by IMO

      crispier than that is at Pomodoro's at 10 & Ray Lawson in Brampton where you can get "double breaded" or whatever they advertise it as

      Tony & Jim';s has the best CHICKEN Parmesan sandwich in all of brampton IMO, but I actually haven't had their veal many times

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      1. re: duckdown

        Sorry Duck. I'll still take the original California on Clermont.


        1. re: Davwud

          I like california on Clarement but they have been soggy lately. My favourite is currently Vinny's Panini on Dupont at Shaw. It is still crisp around the edges after they put the sauce on. and it doesn't disintegrate into a soggy mess. Flavour is great.

          1. re: Davwud

            I popped into the California Sandwiches at Dufferin and Castlefield the other day and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw, as well as by what I tasted. I hadn't been to this location (which opened about a little over a year ago, I believe; it had previously been located about two blocks north). It's a huge, bright place that has an enormous hot table and salad bar, in addition to the usual sandwiches.

            For the hot table/salad bar (not self-serve), you get a choice of one, two or three choices. I got some rigatoni in rose sauce al forno and a chunk of eggplant parmigiana, both very good (and huge portions, too). Since I'd gone there specifically for their veal sandwich, I got that, too. Yes, I was alone and was getting take-out, so had lots of leftovers. The veal sandwich was delicious -- very crispy, tender yet not mushy meat, and a nice size; I always order sauce on the side so I don't end up with a soggy mess, especially when doing take out.

            I can't remember individual prices, but the total was very reasonable: I think about $17/$18.

            1. re: Tatai

              The last two I've had were from the D&C location. The first one was spot on but was ordered with extra sauce. The second one was very good but not quite right. It actually seemed dry in some ways.


        2. My favourite would have to be San Francesco's at Winston Churchill and 403 in Mississauga. Meets all of your criteria... fresh kaiser roll, great tangy tomato sauce and the veal stays crispy after the sauce. I prefer to get mine medium but they also come sweet or hot. This used to be a chain with a couple of outlets but I think this location is now independent. Give it a shot, I'm sure you will like it.

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          1. re: cynalan

            I'll still say COMMISSO BROS...still really good etc....Worth a special trip for us although in a hurry we will choose VINNY'S because it is closer to us....

            1. re: pearlD

              Well, as an Italian...Commisso Brothers (4 Kincourt Street), California Sandwiches (3018 Winston Churchill Blvd location only), and La Rose Bakery (140 La Rose Avenue).

              My criteria is a good, fresh bun, lots of sauce, good amount of meat (not chintzy), and tender veal (I hate rubbery or chewy veal, or veal with gristle, ICK).

              1. re: pearlD

                there are two types of veal though it seems, the crispy type (ie fried) or the type that sits in a hot table and simmers all day (soggy... not saying bad, just not crispy)

                pretty sure commiso's is the hot table kind the last time i was there

                1. re: duckdown

                  definitely the hot table kind at commiso's. i've only had it once. the taste was pretty good and the portion was huge. it was certainly soggy, and not quite the hot temperature i would prefer. good for a cheap lunch if you are in the hood (but it's pretty much in the middle of no where!) but i wouldn't go out of my way to get it.

            2. As mentioned above, I would say Dante's is up there. It's a massive sandwich and you get to pick as many toppings as you like included in the charge. But it's been inconsistent.

              My favourite has always been the veal and eggplant at Mustachio's. Nice piece of meat, terrificly flavoured and fresh sauce, and toppings included in the price. I believe it's $6.75 of so and you get about $10 worth of sandwich.



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              1. re: lunchboy

                people on here like to hate Moustachio's.
                the truth? i really like it. its great comfort food.
                i guess the knocks are that the ragu isn't overwhelmingly sophisticated, the cheese kind of tastes generic...
                but it somehow works really well. i like it on a foccaccia.

                1. re: atomeyes

                  It's certainly not a gourmet, sophisticated sandwich. Rather, it's a simple, rustic, but very tasty sandwich. I'm not sure why people knock it. I personally prefer the chicken & eggplant, but either way, I find the sauce delicious and the perfect consistency, the meat tasty and tender, and really enjoy the fact that it comes with all the toppings you want for no extra charge.



              2. I have to renew my vote for Vinny's as I just got back from there. It was excellent. Meat was tender but still crisp. Great tomato sauce. fresh, crusty bun. And not at all soggy. PERFECT veal sandwich.

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                1. re: acd123

                  i have to go with vinny's as well...i just returned from 3 weeks out of town and i was not disappointed....sweet veal with a small order of olives....i too like having a veal at the monarch from san fran..but vinny's are better...and i must confess closer....