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Jul 23, 2009 09:08 PM

Chicago-Style Italian Beef Sandwich in Seattle?

For those who love Chicago-style Italian beef the kind you find at Portillo's in there a good place in Seattle for such sandwiches?

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  1. have you tried Tat's Deli in Pioneer square?

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    1. re: barleywino

      tat's is more philly style than chicago style... but if you are ever in portland, there's this place:

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Has anyone tried Rizzo's French Dip in Ballard (15th and 73rd)? I saw them last week but haven't gotten in to check them out yet. My understanding is that they dip the bread/sandwich in the jus rather than serving it on the side.

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        1. re: akq

          It's good. The do dip. Not quite the Chicago italian beef spicing we're all looking for, though.

        2. RJohn40787 -
          Please don't go to Michael's Italian Beef in PDX. It was a wasted drive. Most disappointing sandwich ever after all the bragging done on the website.

          Go to Smitty's Chicago-style deli in Olympia. It was so terrific. I wrote this review here.

          I was amazed at the food there.

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          1. re: dericjones

            Thanks for your review. I don't get to Oly much, but I'll look forward to trying next time I'm there.

          2. How about the new Taste of Chicago in the U-District, west side of the Ave at about 53rd St.? Anybody tried it yet? As far as I know, they're the only ones in SEA who claim to have an actual Chicago Italian beef; hot dogs too.

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            1. re: Barry Foy

              I had lunch there today, in response to your prompting. Food was good, service was gracious.

              Unfortunately, they didn't have italian beef, due to some sort of ordering mix-up. They hope to have it soon, and promised to call me when they do. Based upon the posters on their walls, I suspect it will come from Vienna Beef.