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Jul 23, 2009 08:59 PM


What is the official date that H-Mart will open?

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  1. I don't know about the date, but I drove by yesterday and it looks like the cash registers are in. There was some activity, but it doesn't look quite ready yet.

    1. There is a website (the one that listed the property as being up for sale) that claims the grand opening is August 1. The H-Mart website itself is mum on the date.

      1. Is this the H-Mart in Burlington near the Market Basket?

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        1. I have to say they have been really mum about everything considering all the buzz..... I am breaking down and heading to Kamman this weekend. We are out of everything and super 88 in Malden doesn't look like it is stepping up any time soon.

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          1. re: noodlely

            They sure have been quiet.

            Does anyone here read any local Asian newspapers or magazines? Are they perhaps advertising to their most likely customers?

            1. re: peregrine

              My husband reads the chinese paper on saturdays and nothing in there.

              1. re: noodlely

                He might want to check the Korean paper as Han Ah Reum (H Mart) is Korean not Chinese. ;-)

                1. re: robertlf

                  yes we know its Korean but we read Chinese. H Mart in other communities advertises heavily in chinese papers.

          2. Thank gawd-amighty that things look like we're moving towards an opening sometime this century! I had a chance to visit an H-Mart in Virginia last week and it was like walking into some kind of nirvana. Then, yesterday, I went to the Super 88 by BU and was depressed (again) at how measly and depressing their selection is. If H-Mart is only 1/10 better than Super 88, it will such a vast improvement that I will willingly dance a jig.

            I hope this H-Mart has a prepared Korean foods section like the one I visited last week.

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            1. re: litchick

              Can you compare to Kam Man in Quincy?

              1. re: StriperGuy

                Yeah, KM is my reference point, it's pretty much like how S88 used to be, but they have better meat and seafood

                1. re: StriperGuy

                  They have one in Toronto. It is super clean and caters to a more asian-american clientele. Lots of pre-made food, packaged meats, clean produce areas and they sell a lot of american groceries too. It was set up a lot like whole foods with little stands around the edges a bakery, sushi counter, bbq meats, prepared foods etc...

                  1. re: noodlely

                    Impeccably organized and clean.

                    Two things 88 never was