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Jul 23, 2009 08:37 PM

New market in San Gabriel

There were some previous post about the market replacing the 99 Ranch on the corner of San Gabriel Blvd and Garvey. It is currently open for mainly produce and various other items. I asked an employee when the store was going to open and she said August 8, 2009. For anyone interested, they did have dragon fruit which I've only seen on the Anthony Bourdain show but it looked pretty good. Don't quite have the nerve to try one I want to watch the tivoed segment once again. He described it somewhat as tasting like a custard inside with lots of little black seeds. It was also featured on Mexico -One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless doing a show in Merida. He also described it as delicious. Another thing I found and bought that I really liked was some Siracha Dried Peas. I have only had the Wasabi peas but these were different and tasty. Could be addictive. It seems they will be carrying Korean, Chinese and Viet Namese items. Can't wait.

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  1. Thanks for this info, Neta!
    There are many delicious dim sum restaurants in that area, so we will be checking out the market after breakfast one Saturday morning.

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      We did check out this "new" market...looks promising, but it is very difficult to determine their progress; a wall blocks the construction. Does anyone know if they will open as scheduled for this week -- according to Neta above?

    2. I did a Google search and "Dragon Fruit" was described as "Pitaya" which I've found at Gelson's and the major grocers. I would never describe a pitaya as have a custard-like filing.

      Your description sounds more like the exquisite "Zapote Negro" which has seeds and a true custard filling. I'm especially fond of zapote negro ice cream. Especially the ice cream maker in the zocalo in Patzcuaro.

      1. Does anyone know if they have opened fully yet?
        Are they planning a Grand Opening?

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          Went by on Wednesday and it looked like they'd be opening on time. The partition that had blocked off the main store area was removed, with the shelves and cases in the process of being stocked. In addition to the produce, bulk items such as large bags of rice, boxes of noodles, etc. were already being sold. There was enough extra activity at that time such that the parking lot was pretty much full. Consequently, if you head on out there, parking could be an issue.

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            Thanks for your very prompt response, Chandavkl!
            We'll check it out soon. We might wait for the initial activity to settle...unless someone knows that they will have a Grand Opening.

        2. Dragon Fruit is surprisingly mild - maybe "custard like" in texture, but not eggy or anything like that at all - I wouldn't use that word to describe it. It's really really doesn't have a strong taste or smell. Its sweet and juicy more than anything. It's really worth trying!