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Jul 23, 2009 08:19 PM

Family Dinner w/kids in Stockbridge?

Any suggestions for a basic simple kid friendly dinner in the Southern Berkshires for a family with two kids that are picky eaters? I'm trying not to break the bank, but I need to feed them and me. Ethnic is fine (even preferred), but I'm not familiar enough with the area to know what is worthwhile. I am looking at the area between Pittsfield and Stockbridge - though for a really great option, I would consider Great Barrington. TIA.

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  1. For ethnic, Orient Express in West Stockbridge is wonderful. It is a Viet Namese restaurant (white table cloth, more French style than peasant style food); There is something for everyone on the menu. Also, the owners have a beautiful Buddhist shrine upstairs...they built it some years ago and will show anybody on request. And they have business dealings in View Nam and bring back goods...they have a store outside, and one can buy really wonderful products.

    1. You might try Salmon Run in Lee, a couple of towns over, quite a reasonable, family-friendly place. They have a kids' menu, but the regular menu would work, too, depending on how much they eat, with options like fresh fish (obviously), burgers, salads, chowders, etc. You would want to reserve, if you can, as it is very popular.

      Sallon Run Fish House
      78 Main St
      Lee, MA 01238-1612
      (413) 243-3900

      1. you could try the tavern at the Red Lion Inn in stockbridge (they have two, one in the basement, one upstairs next to the formal dining room) both are kid friendly, fairly inexpensive and decent food. In Pittsfield, there's Patrick's Pub which is also very kid friendly, inexpensive and decent...Jae's spice in pittsfield is also kid friendly and is a fusion between american and asian cuisine...again fairly decent food and you can get some inexpensive dinner options there too.

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          I must disagree about the food at the Red Lion Inn. I have eaten in both the formal dining room and the Lion's Den in the basement and both were awful!