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Jul 23, 2009 08:17 PM

Foremost vs. Main Event?

I have a Bar Mitzvah coming up and have quotes from both caterers, and although I have heard that Foremost has a reputation for being very pricey, they did not come in much higher than ME. I have never been to an event catered by either, but am restricted by my Temple. I have read the posts on ME vs. Prestige, and would love to hear anyone regarding ME vs. Foremost. Thanks in advance!

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  1. foremost catered my wedding--absolutely fantastic. great service, great food.

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      Foremost was the caterer at my synagogue. Their food is very uneven and overpriced.
      They are best when paying top dollar. Main event is better value for the money.

    2. I used Main Event for both of my kids' bar mitzvahs, have been on the shul dinner committe and we always use Main Event for that - I think they are fantastic! The food is consistently good, the people wonderful - I always work with the same guy and he's terrific!

      I am being forced to use Foremost for an event that is taking place in a "restricted venue" - a shul with a Foremost contract. Not nearly as pleasant an experience - prices are higher, and they seem to be "nickel and diming" over things - $4 per person for soda????????

      Go with Main Event - call and ask for Steve - He's the best!

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        I was not thrilled with the soda charge, but consider yourself lucky, I had a $5 per person soda charge!

      2. We have used Main Event for three family simchas and have been completely satisfied each time. The food has been excellent and they have been easy to work with. I would recommend them strongly.

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          Thank you all so much for this wonderful feedback, it is all so helpful.