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Jul 23, 2009 07:17 PM

Tried the new Ooka tonight in Montgomeryville

We had sushi, and it was nice that they had fish that we don't normally see... tried chutoro, exotic hamachi, kingfish. we were a little disappointed in the maki roll selection, but liked the rolls we got. DH LOVED the premium wasabi, for $2, well worth it.

They offer edmame when you sit down, i think gratis, but not sure. we did not get it because it didn't appeal tonight.

I really liked that the hibachi tables were on the far side of the restaurant, sometimes the noise can be overwhelming when the place is smaller. Our waiter, Michael, told us that they "stole" one of Morimoto's sushi chefs.

It's a lovely restaurant, with great service. A little pricy to be in the regular rotation, but we'll go back again.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm heading to Umai tomorrow night and will post a review.

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    1. re: mitchh

      Not sure if the menu is the same as Doylestown, but they have a very lightly seared sea bass sushi with a tiny sliver of foie gras on top that is freaking delicious.

      1. re: ndelson

        i don't remember seeing that on the menu, it sounds amazing. What the waiter told us was to think of the new resto as just a place with the same name as the others. He said the owner wanted this resto to be different from the others. The entree offerings were intriguing... I don't remember now what they were. The menu shown online is very different from the Montgomeryville one, based on what I remember. :)

    2. I like the "regular roatation" concept.

      Where in Mongomeryville is Ooka? Near what?

      Oh, are they open for lunch?

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        They are on 309, if you are coming from the mall, away from 202, they are just a few buildings past the intersection with North Wales Road, on the left. 764 Bethlehem Pike.
        I believe they are open for lunch, the other restos are... the page for montgomeryville is not quite done yet. :)

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          When it comes to sushi I agree that a "rotation" is important and it's good to have 2 or 3 "regular" restaurants to frequent (especially if takeout is the norm and you are eating off the menu as opposed to letting the chef make a special roll).

        2. I'll chime in here!

          BF and I had a nice time at Ooka 2 Friday's night ago. We were surprised to see it as crowded as it was, though were seated almost right away, as we booked reservations on We loved the bar area....finally a place that is more upscale for this area!!

          The food was good. We both ordered an appetizer, BF had his usual calamari and I ordered Shrimp Cocktail. Both were good, and presented beautifully, though I was a bit disappointed in the 3 shrimp they served. Onto the rolls, BF had a lobster, yellow tail roll and I ordered the 309 Roll, which was spicy tuna, mango and avocado. Very tasty. We had two drinks, BF a Sapporo and I had their Ooka Cosmo, total bill came to $65 dollars plus tip, a bit on the expensive side, though we were pleased with our overall experience and plan to return!

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          1. re: Hellolaura


            So 2 apps, 2 rolls and 2 drinks was $65 not including tip? That's Center City pricy IMO and for that price not a single item should have been something that you were "disappointed" with.

            BTW, is that really all you had for dinner? If I ordered all 4 of those things I'd still be hungry. :)

            Not to threadjack, but I needed plan B last night as Sushikazu is closed for vacation and the couple we dined with suggested Cho Cho San in Montgomeryville. I had never heard anyone comment on it, but I was pleasantly surprised. The sashimi was cut very nicely and very fresh and the rolls we had were also very good.

            And, just as a comparison pricewise, the 4 of us had a shrimp tempura app, sashimi special and 5 rolls for $99.

            1. re: mitchh

              mitch~ There was a thread a while back and Cho Cho San was praised by many. I am really happy to hear you enjoyed it!

              1. re: mitchh

                i like cho cho san also - they have a spicy tuna sandwich that's really awesome. :)

                1. re: jujuthomas

                  We did have the sandwich and it was very good.

                2. re: mitchh

                  Yep, exactly Mitch...all that for $65 dollars without tip. I just read your review of Umai (which we've been to a few times) and saw the amount of food you ordered and I was thinking...geez, that's a lot of food! Maybe I'm not a seasoned sushi know that I should order a multitude of things...I think I have in my head when I go out for sushi, to have one appetizer, and one entree, like a "normal" dining experience and think that anything more will fill me up too much and won't make good leftovers...:)

                  I have yet to try Cho Cho San. It's on my list. I also want to try the new Osaka in Kulpsville to see what that place is like.

                  Here is my favorite list in no order: Ooka, Miraku, Umai and SushiKazu.

                  As for the spicy tuna sandwich, JuJu, you should have seen the one they serve at Umai (it passed by my table) looked so good!!!

                  1. re: Hellolaura


                    The spicy tuna sandwich at Umai is something that my wife and I both agreed is on the must try next time.

                  2. re: mitchh

                    Do you know what the deal is with Sushikazu's vacation? We tried calling them 2 weeks ago and then again tonight and cannot get thru. Their voicemail does not have any info. How long are they closed?

                    1. re: mddletown

                      No idea. Since going to Umai and Cho Cho San I haven't been back to Sushikazu (BTW another great dinner from Umai tonight including a blue fin tuna otoro tartare).

                      Edit: I went to Rita's next door a few moments ago and Sushikazu is dark. The sign in the window just says that they are closed for vacation with no dates on it. I could be wrong, but it seems a little strange and wonder if this might be a permanent vacation for Sushikazu.

                      1. re: mitchh

                        Cho Cho San? Do I take it you have fallen for another Sushi Mistress?

                        1. re: TwoBellies


                          As I posted in above, I went to Cho Cho San when Sushikazu was closed and was pleasantly surprised. Since then I went to Umai and was blown away. Assuming Sushikazu isn't on a permanent vacation it's now 3rd on my list behind Umai and Cho Cho San.

                          1. re: mitchh

                            Mitch, what are your thoughts on Miraku in Springhouse?

                            1. re: Hellolaura


                              Not a fan. I went there a bunch of times and was very underwhelmed. I didn't like the very large (thick and long) cuts of sashimi and their rolls were just eh IMO.

                              BTW, I understand that the rolls at Tokyo in Skippack are very good. I can't speak for them myself, but this comes from someone's opinion that I would consider very trustworthy.

                3. We went to Ooka for the first time this past Friday. Overall, the food was okay; definitely overpriced. I felt compelled to write though because, for the first time ever, it was a busboy who made our experience worth it. A young man, Tom, was the busboy assigned to our area. Never have I seen a busboy take such pride in his work. He was more responsive to our needs than our server was. He is definitely an asset to Ooka and they are lucky to have him!

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                  1. re: Goobird520

                    Went to Ooka Montgomeryville last night. This was our second visit there and have been to the Doylestown location numerous times and always enjoyed our visits until last night. We ate in the Hibachi grill as we enjoy the food and the show that the chefs put on. We were not disappointed with the chef or the food, or should I say the food that we actually received. We ordered drinks. The two beers came out realtively quickly but the 2 martini's seemed to be MIA. We had also ordered appetizers. Seemed as if our waitress was also MIA. The chef rolled in the cart to prepare the main courses and low and behold here comes the 2 martinis, still no sign of the appetizers. The waitress informed us that they would bethere momentarily and we told her to cancel the order at that point. Perhaps she was new so we'll give her some slack. After the main couse was well underway another waitress came out with a sushi order and apologized for the delay. We did not order sushi, another couple at the table did. Never was another drink order taken or water glasses refilled. We finished our meals and at that point all we wanted was the check. Here she comes and informs everyone that she had gotten the orders mixed up with another table and could we all once again recite our orders. About 10 minutes later she return, with the check? Of course not, she once again wanted to know what we all had to eat. That was it, the slack we had given her just just disappeared as my wife and I bolted for the manager. He informed my wife that he had numerous complaints about her and she indeed was not a rookie. Kudos to the manager as we was truly apologetic and reissued a check which he reduced by more than 10%. I did not stiff the tip as I was pleased with the chef and the remainder of the staff. I'm sure that this was an isolated incident and I would not hesitate to try that location in the future.

                    1. re: sokojojn

                      I don't really see many posts about though Ooka is now participating. Wait for the 80% off deals and get their certificates for 2-3 bucks.