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Pacci's pizza Tampa!

I'm surprised no one's mentioned this place yet. On a tip from Creative Loafing moseyed on over to find one of the best pizzas I've had in Tampa. Perfect paper thin crust, tasty sauce, lotsa cheese and a great bubbly and crisp outer crust with those black blisters common to high heat ovens. The flavors on this pizza are outstanding in my opinion. Open for dinner only, 18 inches is the only size they have. $14 with pepperoni. Cheap. Highly recommended.

Too bad it's so far for me to drive, I'd eat there at least 3 times a week. S Dale Mabry close to bay to bay. http://www.pacispizza.com/

Heads up to USF area: Wood Fired Pizza, just opened next to Skid's on Bearss serves another excellent pie. 900 degree oven, fresh handmade mozzarella and Marzanos, paper thin 00 crust. The owner likes to call it artisan pizza. Only problem though is that it's expensive, and pizzas are only 1 size: 12-13 inches.

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  1. I'm deep into Paci's. Their pizza is comfort food to me. In my opinion, it's the best stuff around right now. I can't see how I haven't mentioned it anywhere on here before...maybe in a "best pizza" type of thing. Anyway...get some. It's good.

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      good to get this from some certified hounds. I don't trust the popularity contests masquerading as "best of" features.

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        My wife and I went on Friday and really liked the place as well. We did quite a job on our 18" pizza with only a couple of pieces making their way home. We ordered a half-red and half-white pizza with pepperoni on the red side and anchovies and garlic on the white side. The crust was thin with a nice balance between crunch and chew. There is a sign up that they are only open for dinner until further notice. I am guessing that will change with the start of the school year as they are directly across the street from Plant High School. For comparison, my wife and I like Cappy's and Eddy and Sam's and we both thought it compared favorably to those pizzas.

    2. Actually my friends have been raving about Paci's for quite some time and have claimed that it is the best in Tampa. Unfortunately when I lived only minutes away, I never did make it there. The biggest obstacle was that they closed at 8pm in the past and I didn't ever get home from work until at least 7:30-8pm, so it was not even possible for me to try it. Hopefully they've extended their hours by now, but I currently live in Wesley Chapel and am right down the street from Pizza Mania, arguably the best NY style pizza in the area.


      Edited to add: yep, looks like they've extended their hours (based on the website).

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        I order a white pizza a couple of nights ago and while I could tell that it had all the makings of a great pizza, the crust was burnt. I think that unless someone specifically asks for it that way, a pizza with a mostly black bottom shouldn't go to a customer. I've had the pizza before and thought it was one of the best around....thin crust with just the right amount of flop, butter cheese and air bubbles (love those) but I'm so disappointed that they let a burnt pizza out the doors. I will try again.

      2. I have to agree on Paci's. We have been going there almost weekly for a few months and have been very happy. Moving down from New York to Tampa, I felt the pizza at Sally O'Neal's and Cappy's did not really cut it. The folks at Paci's know how to make a great pizza. Also, they have gelato.

        1. Yeah, Paci's is top-notch. Love sitting at the bar and ordering up a pizza w/ green peppers and onions. I think it easily takes the crown of best NY style pizza in Tampa; Cappy's is very good but just slightly inferior. I agree with the other poster about the mediocrity of Sally O' Neil's and I'd probably extend that judgment to Eddie and Sam's as well.

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            I agree sally o' neil's was nothing special, but I actually had a decent slice at Eddie & Sams. Albeit that was over a year ago and I was really hungry so it might be time to re-investigate that one :)

          2. It has been mentioned plenty of times.


            Or, simply use the board search function.

            1. Finally, finally made it to Paci's. The marguerita is a wonder on a crust so thin----

              I think Wood Fired is the place for a unique artisanal pizza experience, but Paci's is amazing, too, in a much more limited way. Cheese was also good, and the meaball topping looks great, slices of meatball topped with tomato sauce to prevent them from drying out. Their housemade sauce is very good.

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                Andy I agree 100%, I've tried a few pies there and haven't had any that impressed me more than the margherita. They seem to take pride in their work, and I also really like that it comes out a tiny bit blackened. Couple that with the fact they have no corkage fee and Paci's is a home run for me. Only caveat is that I have to eat it there, the pizza is so thin that it just doesn't make the trip home while retaining it's glory.

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                  Its probably my favorite in Tpa. I live so close to Sally O'Neal's now that I end up there quite a bit, but would still prefer Paci's. I haven't had a bad one there, and I like the crust a little blackened... I ask for it well done, although I'm not sure its necessary. Spinach ricotta is great. Wife usually just wants cheese. : I

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                    yeah it is a dine-in pizza to be sure, especially the ultra thin margeurita. I took some cheese slices home and asked them not to heat them up or they would have gotten soggy on the way home.