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Jul 23, 2009 06:01 PM

jonathon's portuguese???

i'm watching restaurant makeover right now and they're doing jonathons, it looks it awesome. i googled it and all i come up with is jonathon's of oakville (which looks pretty good itself, top resto in ontario 10 yrs running???) . anyone have any info on the portuguese spot (or the oakville spot)?

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  1. I had the same question. So I went looking for them online and man they were hard to find but I think I've done it. First I figured they had to be somewhere around Woodbridge because they said it was in an Italian area. So I googled that and got a Jonathan's Restaurant at 200 Marycroft Street, but no pictures and no website, just business listings. So to confirm that it was the right place, I googled "200 Marycroft butcher" and got a Laconte Meat Market at the same address. Remember that they went to the butcher next door to get the lamb chops? So I figure that's got to be the place. Next time I'm in that neck of the woods, I'll stop by and check it out. Maybe I'll have the pork and clams.

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      Good hunting, guys! I was wondering about that myself. :)

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        good stuff, can't wait to check that place out...

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        Mr. Hulot, I am so glad you hunted down Johnathan's restaurant from the show 'Restaurant Makeover'! We went after reading your message, hoping that you had managed to find the right one, and you certainly did.
        We saw a bit of the episode of the makeover, and the pork chops and clams was what caught my eye. As soon as I saw them making it on the show, I had my heart set on that dish. I could go back and have it again today. Absolutely delicious!
        We also tried the mushrooms and escargot appetizer, which was equally fabulous. I can't wait to go back again and try something else.

        200 Marycroft, Woodbridge, ON L4L5X5, CA