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Jul 23, 2009 05:58 PM

Fernie, Cranbrook and Sparwood

I'll be spending a week in southeastern BC, in Fernie, Sparwood and Cranbrook and I'm looking for any interesting food opportunities for breakfast, lunch or well as anything else anybody can recommend.

I see that there is a Mountain Market in Fernie on Sundays, is it worth going to?

Any suggestions?

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  1. I recently had the opportunity to spend a weekend at Island Lake Lodge for their cookbook launch. While the party entailed dishes created from the cookbooks, their breakfast and lunch selections were delicious. I wouldn't doubt that their dinners are just as creative and delicious. Just spending some time in this area is amazing.

    The lodge is located just outside of Fernie (to the south) and is a 10k drive into an Old Growth Forest. The setting alone is worth the winding drive and during the summer, the lodge is open to the public, whereas in the winter, guests can only reach the lodge via cats. They have, what looks to be, incredible catskiing there too. Otherwise, if you like to hike, I would recommend having a visit, even if you don't stay for the amazing food from such an amazing group of chefs.

    As for the market, if it's what I think it was, it was small but had some interesting vendors. I wouldn't recommend the kettle popcorn though, too many unpopped kernels.

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      Looks like I've found brunch, looks great, thanks Tuppence!

    2. Fernie has some real gems for food! My favourites there are the Yamagoya Japanese Restaurant and the Curry Bowl. Both are easy to find, right along the main highway through town. They are both in small buildings that were houses in a previous lifetime, so you forget that you are so close to a road.

      Yamagoya has sushi that compares to the best you would find in Calgary - very creative and fresh. There are a few other items on the menu - tempura, udon, etc., but sushi seems to be the main attraction here.

      The Curry Bowl does a variety of Indian, Thai and Indonesian style curries. Their curry (obviously) lentil dip is amazing and their chicken apricot curry had me wanting to lick the bowl!

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        Already more than I expected from Fernie, thanks Jenn_g!

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          the blue touque is a must. it is a fantastic breakfast spot, with amazing garlic sausages. the sausages I recommend getting from the deli/butcher in town, i don't know the name of it, but any store should be able to tell you it.

          I have only ever been there for breakfast, but I bet that their lunch is really great too.

          I also second Island lake lodge and the curry bowl.

      2. Leaving tomorrow night, thanks for all the great suggestions!

        1. Back from a great vacation in SE BC and everyone's suggestions were bang on.

          Island Lake Lodge: We did breakfast here the first day and we came back for dinner a few nights later. This is truly an amazing spot the food, location and scenery wow...just amazing. Foodwise this is exactly the kind of place any foodie should love. Lot's of unique food and combos, lots to choose from and talk about. The views and hiking around the lodge are spectacular...the view from the dining room alone is worth the price of the food...we even came back for the spa which was as good as anywhere I have been...not touristy or pretentious at all...great friendly staff that absolutely love working here.

          Yamagoya: as advertised the sushi is as good as anything in Calgary...and the staff really hustle, I love being in a busy restaurant and everyone is working their butts off. I left one of my biggest tips ever here I was that impressed!

          Blue touque: We did breakfast here one day and it was very good, great omlettes...nice cozy little diner in an old train station.

          Mountain Market: Open Sundays...I was a little disappointed, as I thought it would be bigger...but hey this is a small town and we were still able to get fresh cherries and produce.

          Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: fantastic ice cream!! About 6-7 variations of Chocolate Ice Cream...we came back 3 times and had them all!!! Also, a bevy of truffles, fudge and other homemade chocolate, just fantastic.