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Jul 23, 2009 05:23 PM

Fun Dinner in Vegas


I was just wondering whats a fun place to have dinner for a pre bachlerette party in Las Vegas?

There will be about 6 girls between 19-26 years old. Mexican food would be preferred with good beers and margaritas. and somewhere on the strip.

Thanks for your help

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  1. One more thing, we will have a car so if you could recommend a restaurant off the strip that is okay as well. Thanks

    1. Maybe Diego's in the MGM Grand Studio Walk? You'll also be near Rouge and the Centrifuge for post party drinks.

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      1. re: gerbera

        Or Diablo's on the street in front of the Monte Carlo . . .

      2. will think of more but first spot is Pink Taco in Hard Rock Hotel; good Mexican, high energy, make a reservation because celebrities are frequent; even better if it's on a Sunday, as their bacchanalia Rehab is a must for any wild time; also Tao Restaurant is a big bachelorette party spot, reservations also and dress up, not sure about the 19 yo but the nightclub side is one of the top 3 clubs in Vegas

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          Thank's everyone such great ideas, Now we don't know which we too chose but probably Diablos.

          Thanks again.

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            don't forget t&t - tacos and tequila at luxor . i think their food is much better then diablo's

          1. Nine Fine Irishmen at New York New York. Great food that won't break your budget and free live entertainment that rocks. I've been to 2 bachelorette parties there and had a ball both times.

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              Thanks Again everyone, Maybe Tequila then.

              I've had dinner at Nine Fine Irishmen and liked the food but I don't remember any live entertainment. We were upstairs because we were a large party.