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Jul 23, 2009 04:51 PM

Com Tay Cam in DFW

When I lived in St. Louis, one of my favorite restaurants was a Vietnamese place called Lemongrass. They had the best dish - rice in a hot pot (com tay cam). The rice at the bottom of the pot became chewy and delicious! I've been trying to find a place that serves this dish in Dallas, preferably in the Garland/Richardson area, but I'm having trouble finding menus online. Can anyone suggest a place?

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  1. I haven't really looked for it at any of the Vietnamese restaurants, but one of the Korean restaurants in the Super H Mart food court does a Korean version with spicy pork.

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      Would this be similar to the Korean Dolsot BiBimBap?

      I checked my menus for Nam Hua and Saigon Block...none of them have this dish. I am not sure if Hoang Yen inside Saigon Mall would have it. All of them are in Garland/Richardson within a mile of each other. Beltline and Jupiter and Jupiter and Arapaho

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        LH- you can also find this at Super H Mart. Easy, fast, cheap, delicious.

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          Com Tay Cam? or Dolsot? I have been to Super H Mart and work by there. Thanks for the heads up though.

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          I haven't seen it at any local Vietnamese restaurant I've been to. I like it, too, so I would order it if I saw it. It's called "dirty rice" at some Vietnamese restaurants in CA.
          I thought Webra1 might know since she's been to pretty much all the Vietnamese restaurants in Garland/Richardson!

      2. One of my good friends told me about this Vietnamese restaurant that has rice clay pots: Is this what you're looking for? I've had this dish at restaurants in Houston and Austin, but haven't tried it in the DFW area. If not let me know and I will keep asking around for ya!

          1. Mai's (on Bryan catty-corner from Jimmy's) has hot pots, it's the only place in town I've found them. BYOB, and get a couple of spring rolls, which they also do very well. (And I totally missed the last two posts about Mai's, so just consider this an added endorsement!)

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              The Mai's in Midtown (Houston) and the Mai's in Lakewood (Dallas) are both Vietnamese restaurants but don't be confused as they are not related to each other.

              Anyway as far as this dish goes, the key words to look for are "tay cam", those are the dishes in clay pots and personally I'm all about do bien tay cam. I haven't been to Mai's in Houston in years, but last time I went, I felt there was no contest to Tay Do's clay pots which were much, much better. I know things can change so looks I'll have to give it another shot. More people seem to talk about Mai's for their bo luc lac.

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                I remember having that dish at Tay Do in Houston, though I can't remember it was good or not (definitely not as good as the one we used to have in SoCal).

            2. The closest thing I've had to your request is at Bistro B. It's called "Com Chien Ong Vua" or Hot Stone Plate Fried Rice (number 81 on the menu). If you order this, ask for them to add some Chinese sausage to the rice. To us, it makes it 80% better.

              Most hot pots I've had in Dallas do not include the rice in the pot. It is usually served on the side. Bistro B also has a ton of Hot Pots, but I think most will agree they probably aren't the best in town. I had a really great one at Saigon Kitchen in Garland a few weeks ago.

              If you're in Dallas, I would recommend the Hot Pots from Oishii over Mai's on Bryan any day. The hot pot I had from Mai's was so dry and burnt that part of the hotpot came off into our food.

              I've always wondered - Mai's is so mediocre/bad. Why people go there? Just for BYOB maybe? I know Viet Nam on Bryan has a lousy decor, but the food is so much better. You will also see Vietnamese people eating there - never seen that at Mai's. They don't have hot pots, unfortunately.

              Kuidaore - I only wish I've been to all the Vietnamese places in Garland/Richardson. In reality, we've probably only been to 20% of them.

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                People go to (and recommend) Mai's because it and Green Papaya define the limits of their experience with and knowledge of Vietnamese food. Those places are popular for the same reasons that Chinese buffets and places like PF Chang's and Bengal Coast are popular: take a cuisine, bastardize the crap out of it until no trace of its roots can be ascertained, in the process throw tastes all out of balance in the direction of too sweet/too spicy/too fatty/too much meat, all perfect for narrow provincial big mac & chicken nugget palates...

                You're right on, Webra. Viet Nam on Bryan does far better food, as does Oishii, as does Saigon Kitchen, as does La Me, as does Pa La, as did all the incarnations of the late Kien Giang, as do three dozen other places...

                Bistro B is no better than Pei Wei, in my book. They sold out the flavor balance to gringo tastes long ago, just like Kim Son did in Houston.