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Jul 23, 2009 04:35 PM

Mid-morning Delivery??

HELP!! It's my turn to provide snack for 25 kids at my daughter's west la preschool and we're out of town and I forgot to get someone to cover for me!! Any suggestions for delivery of breakfast/snack type foods in west la, near Barrington/Pico??


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  1. John O'Groats, Factor's and Jack Sprat's all deliver.

    1. I wonder if Milk would deliver - http://themilkshop.com/catering.html.

      Maybe Lemon Moon? Clementine delivers from their catering menu, which includes platters of small pastries. Sprinkles delivers, but cupcakes aren't quite breakfast food.

      If it came down to it, you could hire a courier to pick up and deliver.

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        Huckleberry's does morning meeting type catering. Don't know if they deliver.

      2. Junior's Deli on Westwood definitely delivers.