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Jul 23, 2009 04:33 PM

Chowder at Halibut Point, Gloucester

If you order a bowl of 'half and half' at halibut point in Gloucester, you will get equal amounts of New England clam chowder and a tomato based sicilian fish soup, unmixed.

They work great together. First, let me recommend it, and ask Is this a halibut point thing, or more common?


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  1. Do you mean "Lobster Pool" restaurant down the road? Or are they serving food at Halibut Point (state park), now? Or is there a restaurant named Halibut Point?

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    1. re: three of us

      Also, not to nit-pick, but Halibut Point Park is in Rockport, not Gloucester :-)

      1. re: three of us

        Halibut Point is a restaurant on Main Street in Gloucester. It was a regular lunch spot for us when I lived in Essex 10+ years ago, nice to know it's still around!

        1. re: Rubee

          I'm planning a trip to Gloucester in the summer, and Halibut Point seems to have become an outpost of Boston's Franklin Cafe (the URL redirects).

          1. re: Peter Cherches

            I think you had the wrong link. This one seems to work fine, and we peeked in a few weeks ago and the restaurant looks the same.


            1. re: bear

              Yeah. I went on Sunday and had the Italian fish chowder and wasn't especially impressed.

            2. re: Peter Cherches

              I'm also planning a trip to Gloucester this summer. Where do you plan to eat? I'd love to hear because I have had only superb experiences following your Queens Chinese eating advice on your blog! We're going to try the new Market restaurant that the two Chez Panisse alums started which looks awesome. Also, Woodmans. Thinking of Halibut Point, too -- it does seem to be somewhat linked to the Franklin -- when you google it, the Franklin site pops up. I'm not a huge fan of the Franklin in Boston's South End so I'm a bit skeptical. Do say if you have another other good leads!

              Halibut Point
              289 Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930

              1. re: johannabanana

                Please do yourself a favor and skip Woodmans. Plenty of recent posts about why, but make your way to Essex, Farnhams, or the Clam Box instead. Please and thank you.

                Clam Box
                789 Quincy Shore Dr, Quincy, MA 02170

                1. re: johannabanana

                  Skip Woodman's, if yuo want too fried seaffod go to The Causeway. This is a different Franklin, it's very good. Halibut Point is good for lunch with lots of locals. Also, for a good breakfast try Sugar Magnolia's, next to Franklin Cafe.

                  Sugar Magnolias
                  112 Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930

                  Halibut Point
                  289 Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930

          2. I have never seen it anywhere else but prefer the red clish chowder but the classic clam is good too