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Jul 23, 2009 04:10 PM

Updated List of Kosher Restaurants NYC

Where can I find an updated list of Kosher Restaurants in NYC and beyond?
Reviews and ratings a plus!!

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    1. IMHO...this board is the best place for recent reviews of specific restaurants in NY.

      1. OZ has a great Kosher list for Manhattan and it's updated very frequently.

        1. I eprsonally like - yes some of the reviews are out of date but the popular/active restaurants are usually very current -

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            1. re: weinstein5

              Thanks Weinstein5,
              Just checked the shamash board but it is missing many of the restaurants that I've eaten at....I'm looking for a complete, updated listing. I'm off to try Kosher-NY

              1. re: Esty

                THat is the issue - it is self populated by those who use it - if I find anything new good or bad I always add it to the list- particularly since this repository is the basis for the new Kosher App for the iPhone -

                1. re: Esty

                  Kosher-NY is the most complete of what's out there (note, as w/ shamash, a listing does not imply an approval of the kashrut of any restaurant).