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Jul 23, 2009 04:05 PM

The Boiling Crab - anyone been?

im goin there tonight with the misses. any good? any recommendations? thanks dudes!


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    1. I think you will find that tons of people on this board have been. I tend to stick to their shrimp (i find that the flavors dont really stick to the crab all that well) with garlic butter, and some mild fries. Get there before 6.30 if you can though because if you dont you will undoubtably have at least an hour wait (and quite possibly more)

      1. Many times. Do yourself a favour and bring in a loaf of baguette (there's a Banh MI Che Cali next to the one on Brookhurst) because you'll die from the salt.

        I like the shrimp best. Don't bother with adding sausage or corn to your order because parsimonious doesn't even begin to describe the serving portion. Crab is OK, crawfish is very, very tasty.

        Drink beer.