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Jul 23, 2009 03:51 PM

The Marble Slab Creamery

Has anyone else tried this place? I almost died at the price of the ice cream...$15 per person on average but what killed me is how AMAZING the ice cream is! They make it fresh in their location every day. They also make the waffle cones on the spot. I wonder if anyone is aware of what the ingredient list is??? Is it better than your average ice cream joint???? It seems like a glorified dairy queen with super prices but the ice cream is definitely amazing. Location: Zehrs Plaza at the corner of Yonge Street and Big Bay Point Road in Barrie's south end. Are there any locations in the GTA?

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  1. Some discussion here:

    How did you manage to get $15 pp avg? You must've had a LOT of toppings! I don't think mine was more than $5. Plus I wouldn't exactly call their ice cream amazing. The waffle cone I had at the Thornhill location was not fresh. I guess charge a lot more up in Barrie than they do in GTA.

    1. There's one in Oakville downtown on 155 Lakeshore Road East

      THe lineups are long and take forever, we waited over 45 minutes one saturday.

      Yes, the ice cream is outstanding, the reason why they take so long is the poor girls behind the counter have to put the ice cream on a cold marble slab and incorporate whatever toppings into the icecream by hand e.g. strawberries, raspberries etc. It looks wrist-breaking, I felt so sorry for the poor girls....... Plus they weigh each portion to make sure you get enough on each. no way of speeding up the service because each order is so time consuming.

      Yes, it's better than you average ice cream joint, at the level of Greg's or similar. Definitely NOT a glorified dairy queen.

      The smallest is a regular, they don't allow you to buy a kiddie cone unless you're under 10. The regular is HUGE, I had a hard time finishing it. Not that I'm cheap or anything, but I really wanted a kiddie cone because that's all I wanted, but was forced to buy a regular. Of course I can tell them to give me a smaller portion but that's not the point.

      It's excellent ice-cream, but not 45-minute-wait excellent. 15 minutes, perhaps.

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        WHY did you wait forty five minutes? Are you crazy?

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          the lineup was maybe 15 people, didn't think it would take that lllllllllong .so once you get past the 15 minute mark you're committed...... yes that was crazy and I'm never doing that again.

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          they weigh the ice cream or the toppings?

        3. I had one the other week for the first time. I thought it was okay. I had one of the chocolate flavours with brownie batter and it was good but nothing to write home about. I'd rather have a scoop at Baskins for half the price.

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          1. I had the coffee ice cream with oreos and brownies, which was fine, but a bit eyebrow-raising in terms of price. I find the ice cream, mix-ins aside, to be too sweet for my palate, but what one person considers sweet another would find bland.

            1. The only way that I've found to deal with the overpriced "issue" is to sign up for their email notices and birthday list. They will send you a 2 for 1 coupon, $1 off coupon (periodically) and an e-coupon for a "free regular cone" on your birthday.


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                Do they actually make the ice cream there,like from scratch or is this one of the places where they just mix stuff into your ice cream?

                I think I would maybe rather just stick to my local ice cream shop where they make all the ice cream and sorbet from scratch.

                I tried a very interesting Arabic ice cream at Malak pastry (bank st ottawa) and it has "pine gum" (what the lebanese lady there whose english was bad was trying to tell me or "tree gum"?),
                with vanilla and pistachio.
                It had an interesting texture,kinda like frozen and a bit gummy like marshmallow,with vanilla like ice cream base and pistachio nuts in it.
                It was kind of neat to eat that-will def get more there.

                Also tried an apricot sorbet that was nice!