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Jul 23, 2009 03:37 PM

Duck Bresaola (Mario Batali Babbo Cookbook) SUBSTITUTION?

Can anyone who has the Babbo (or not) cookbook think of a substitution for duck breast in the "Duck Bresaola with Borlotti and Red Onion Jam?" I know it seems ridiculous to want to substitute the star ingredient, but I do not eat duck (had them as pets as a kid) and the photograph of the cured meat looks DIVINE.

I'm wondering if another game bird might be substituted, but I don't have a lot of taste experience with them. For anyone who is looking to help but doesn't have the cookbook, the gist of the recipe is a cured duck breast (cured with spices and wrapped for four days), an onion jam, and garlicky borlotti beans.

I've really enjoyed many of the recipes out of here, and this photograph is just so TEMPTING!



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  1. bresaola is typically made with beef (usually top round or eye of round), so you could do that instead.

    1. Bresaola is airdried salted beef fillet that has been aged for about 2 months. Sliced very thinly, dressed with olive oil & lemon juice, and is served as part of an antipasto.

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        Perfect! I'll look up traditional bresaola recipes then compare and work them together. Thanks guys!

      2. I have made it very successfully with venison and goose (breast) too.