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Jul 23, 2009 02:45 PM

Combination Cooking Question

I'm about to cook two game hens each weighing 1½ lbs using a combination of microwave and convection. The book says to allow 12 minutes per pound. So do I cook them for 18 minutes (each one weighs 1½ lbs) or 36 minutes since they total 3 lbs. Thanks in advance


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  1. I'm not sure - is the book recommending combination microwave & convection?
    I would skip the microwave altogether, and just roast them side by side in the convection. I did that a few weeks ago and they turned out beautifully. I think I did it at 375, but we like to get the skin nice & crispy.

    Reasons I don't roast in my microwave are that it's too small to fit two hens; it's super powerful and would probably overcook them, and you can't get browning and crisping as well as a convection. It wins hands down. So if you have convection oven, I say use it!

    1. I assume you are talking about a combination microwave, not using a regular microwave and a full-sized conveciton oven. You will probably need close to a half hour in order to get a brown skin, but start watching, and take the internal temp, at 20 min. Such small birds are not ideal for combination cooking if you are looking for a crisp skin, because you need sustained heat for that, and there's not enough meat on these birds to warrant prolonged microwaving.

      1. You don't nuke meat period! Don't argue.

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          Thank you, mrbigshotno.1! I do not like microwaving meat to cook it unless it's bacon & I'm in a hurry, but that 's just me!!

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              To each his own, but it sounds like you haven't used a combination convection-microwave. My current microwave isn't combo, unfortunately, but its predecessor turned out a wonderful 4" unstuffed roast chicken, unattended, with crisp skin and tender meat, in about 45 min. The combo setting cycled between 350-degree heat and low microwave power, which is a far cry from blasting a hunk of meat with 800+ watts of radiation.

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                Yes. I really wish people wouldn't make such strong and arbitrary declarations. 'Course they're the ones who have to live with the embarassment :)