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Jul 23, 2009 02:37 PM

Best Coffee in the West End

If you were staying at The Drake Hotel, where would you get your morning coffee?

I'm willing to walk up to about 10-15 minutes for an exceptional cup, and I drink macchiatos

Knowing the opening times of the cafe would be helpful, too

Or is the coffee at The Drake especially good?

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  1. My favourite coffee right now is at Darkhorse Espresso Bar. It will be longer then a 15 minute walk though, its 3km from the drake hotel and is located on Spadina, just south of dundas. The actual address is 215 Spadina Avenue. I'm not sure of the hours, but i'd expect they open relatively early. Martini Boys is saying it opens at 7am weekdays, and 8am weekends, but i can't confirm that.

    Unfortunately thats as far west as i've gone for coffee so am not sure of anywhere else.

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      i think ezra's pound, the new one on dundas near gore vale is closer, and possibly better

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        Strangely, there's not much along Queen near the Drake. If possible, go the The Common on College, near Dufferin. Best capp I've ever had.

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          I Deal Coffee on Ossington and White Squirrel on Queen across from Trinity Bellwoods is in your walking range. I don't think they rate in the league of Dark Horse on Spadina, Manic on College or Lit on Roncesvalles.

          Try the Beaver - it's vary close to you and does a great breakfast as well. Or just stay in the Drake and enjoy their side patio.

    2. I ended up trying The Common & White Squirrel and also had coffee at The Drake

      I drink macchiatos - and thought what I got at White Squirrel was extraordinarily good - strong smooth & flavoursome. And The Common wasn't bad either

      The Drake's coffee however was bloody awful - way too bitter. Dunno whether they burn the beans or just need to clean the machine, but I wouldn't recommend having coffee there

      I also went by the Beaver on a Saturday morning around 9.30 - but it was closed

      1. I don't know if I'd go as far as calling it the best (I've only been a handful of times, and have never had the espresso on its own), but I've been pleased with Starving Artist (Lansdowne, just north of Bloor) every time I've been. The waffles are tasty too, and it's nice to go into something other than a cookie-cutter café.

        1. The Communal Mule - 984 Dundas St W
          Sam James Coffee Bar - 297 Harbord St
          Crema Coffee Company - 3079 Dundas St W

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            I like the Communal Mule. The coffee's good and the owners are nice. I haven't had much luck with Ezra's, unfortunately -- as much as I wanted to love it, the coffee was bitter both times I went.